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The Bedroom Key is an item in Twilight Princess.[1]

Location and Uses[]

The Bedroom Key is the Big Key for the master bedroom of the Snowpeak Ruins. It is used to keep the Mirror Shard locked away from the monsters that appeared inside the Snowpeak Ruins following the Shard's appearance.[2] Upon meeting Link, Yeta gifts him with the Mansion Map to show where the Key is located.[2][3] However, because Yeta has grown ill, her memory suffers and she mistakenly marks the locations of an Ordon Pumpkin and the Ordon Goat Cheese instead.[4][5] Link must deliver these items to Yeto in the Snowpeak Ruins' kitchen before Yeta finally remembers the true whereabouts of the Bedroom Key.[6][7]

After locating the Bedroom Key, Yeta approaches Link and explains that she drank the Soup that Yeto made with the Ordon Pumpkin and Ordon Goat Cheese and recovered from her illness.[8] She then offers to escort Link to the bedroom to see the Mirror Shard.[8]

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