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Beds are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

Location and Uses[]

Link's Awakening[]

In Link's Awakening, Beds are found in many Houses of Koholint Island. After Link washes up on the Toronbo Shores, Marin brings him back into a Bed inside her House.

There is also an area in the Dream Shrine accessible only by sleeping in a Bed.

Ocarina of Time[]

Majora's Mask[]

Oracle of Seasons[]

Oracle of Ages[]

The Wind Waker[]

The Minish Cap[]

In The Minish Cap, beds are props that are used in many houses around. They can be walked on the blanket space as though it's normal terrain and serve no purpose than just decoration. An exception is in Link's house where he can sleep in his bed to replenish hearts. In the beginning of the game, Link is seen sleeping in when Smith calls him to wake-up after Zelda came in. After the attack in Hyrule castle by Vaati which left Link unconscious, he is woken up at one of the Castle's quarters. In Simon's Simulations there is a bed with a mechanism that generates simulated dreams, in this case, Link dreams a dungeon full of monsters.

Twilight Princess[]

In Twilight Princess, beds can be found in many houses around Ordon, Castle Town and Kakariko Village. They serve no purpose than just house decorations. Their designs have distinct differences depending on their different locations.

Spirit Tracks[]

Skyward Sword[]

SSHD Link Waking Up

Link falling from his Bed after being waken up by surprise in Skyward Sword HD

In Skyward Sword, Beds can be found in Skyloft's residential houses, the Knight Academy, and the Lumpy Pumpkin. They can be used to rest and replenish Hearts. They can also cycle between day and night. Beedle's Airshop has a makeshift Bed that Link can sleep in, if he does, he will be relocated at Beedle's Island in the morning. Each resident of Skyloft has unique designs for their Beds based on their personality. The Knight Academy uses different beddings for boys and girls, some with minor personal touches.

  • Goselle and Rupin's house: Two Single beds with Rupee design blankets and bedding is encrusted with Rupees.
  • Bertie and Luv's house: Two single beds.
  • Greba and Gondo's house: Two Single beds with personal items stashed on nearby shelves.
  • Jakamar, Wryna and Kukiel's house: A custom king size bed for three people with sky, sun and cloud design blankets.
  • Orielle and Parrow's house: Two Single beds with striped blankets.
  • Peater and Peatrice's house: Two Single beds, Peater's made from Bamboo while Peatrice has wood designed as a heart and blanket with hearts.
  • Mallara and Pipit's house: Two Single beds with tattered blankets covered in patches.
  • Piper and Gully's house: One Single bed with orange blankets.
  • Sparrot's house: One Single bed
  • Knight Academy: All beds are the same for students and instructors. Males use green blanket with blue triangles, whilst Females use pink blankets with turquoise triangles. Few design differences are as follows: Karane's blanket is frilly with a doily above it, Cawlin and Strich have bunk-beds and Groose has clothes cluttering on his.
  • Lumpy Pumpkin: The inn uses two single beds covered in green blankets with pumpkins on them.
  • Beedle's Air Shop: On the far inner side of the shop, there's a rectangle box with a mat covering it. Link can sleep on it.

A Link Between Worlds[]

Breath of the Wild[]

In Breath of the Wild, Beds are found in Inns throughout Hyrule Kingdom, mainly in the nine major settlements of the seven Races, as well as in all 15 Stables. Most innkeepers offer a Regular Bed[name reference needed] for 20 Rupees. The Stables, as well as Kara Kara Bazaar and Hateno, Lurelin and Kakariko Village, also offer a Soft Bed,[name reference needed] which is stuffed with fine Cucco feathers for double the price of the Regular Bed;[name reference needed] this will have Link wake with not only full Hearts, but also one temporary Heart.[2] Certain places, such as Link's House, the Great Deku Tree's Navel and the Old Man's Cabin, have Beds which can be used for free to replenish Hearts. As a consequence, they offer no upgraded Bed. The Gerudo, Goron, Rito and Zora Inns offer unique Beds rather than a Soft Bed. These costs 80 Rupees, and provide Link with three temporary Hearts and one temporary Stamina Wheel unit. Romah and Tray offer massages, those being the Spa Plan and Goron massage, respectively.[3][4] Cecili and Kayden instead have special Beds, the Rito-down Bed and water Bed.[citation needed][5]

Other Appearances[]

Hyrule Warriors[]



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