"Chomp chomp chomp...We have the legendary Magic Beans! I'll sell them only to you!"
— Bean Seller

The Bean Seller is a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series. He is a strange-looking Hylian man who sells Magic Beans, which he is constantly seen eating from a bag that he holds.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Bean Seller can be found sitting near the south end of Zora's River, peddling his Magic Beans. After Link has purchased one, the Bean Seller provides an explanation of how to plant them in patches of Soft Soil. Every time Link makes a purchase, the Bean Seller makes an increment of ten Rupees for the price of the next bean. He attributes these price increases to his wares having grown in popularity; however, Link appears to be his sole customer. Once Link has purchased ten Magic Beans, the Bean Seller refuses to sell anymore; should Link inquire about his bag--far from empty, from the look of things--he will explain that they are not for sale, as he intends to eat them all for himself.

The Bean Seller is seen during the ending credits with the Carpet Merchant and the Lake Scientist, floating on the Carpet Merchant's carpet at Lon Lon Ranch, still eating his beans.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

"Well...chomp, chomp...You're the first customer I've had in a looooong time! Do you need any Magic Beans?"
— Bean Seller

The Bean Seller is found in a Hidden Hole in the Inner Palace Garden of the Deku Palace. Again, he sells Magic Beans, which are necessary to access the higher levels of the palace gardens and reach the Imprisoned Monkey's cell in the throne room. In this game, he is not the sole source of Magic Beans, as there is a Business Scrub found in the Southern Swamp (or Clock Town, depending on certain actions taken) who will also sell them. However, in order to make a successful transaction with the considerably more conveniently located Business Scrub, it is required that Link first make a purchase from the Bean Seller, who will duly provide an explanation on how to properly plant beans, which the Business Scrub requires before Link can buy from him.

Unlike in Ocarina of Time, the price for Magic Beans (regardless of vendor) stay at a fixed rate of 10 Rupees; there is also not a finite amount of beans that can be bought. Unlike the Business Scrub however, the Bean Seller will sell beans to Link regardless of whether Link is a Hylian or a Deku Scrub.

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