"Me? I am Bazz. A hundred years ago, you frequently trained me in the art of the blade. Remember? Thanks to that, I made great progress with my sword training, and now I am captain of the Zora's Domain guard! I am in your debt, Master Link!"
— Bazz

Bazz is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a Zora Captain of the Zora Knights in Zora's Domain that serve the Zora Royal Family. He is the son of the Demon Sergeant Seggin the Zora Knight who trained Princess Mipha to wield the Lightscale Trident.


Before the Great Calamity, he was a young Zora who befriended the future Hylian Champion Link. During that period, Link a gifted child prodigy with a sword capable of besting grown adult knights in combat, trained Bazz in the art of swordsmanship and the two apparently bonded over their similar backgrounds as Link's father was a Royal Knight of Hyrule while Bazz's father was the legendary Zora Knight "Demon" Sergeant Seggin. Apparently, Bazz was also part of a secret club made up of Zora children called the Big Bad Bazz Brigade which Link was a member of as Bazz asks him the club's secret password which was Fluffy white clouds! Clear blue... Zora when the two are reunited 100 years after the Great Calamity. Despite his memory loss, Link correctly guesses the password Zora confirming his identity to Bazz, who is overjoyed to see his former teacher and unlike his father holds no ill feelings towards Link over Mipha's death.

Through conversations with the Zora Knights Bazz, Rivan, and Gaddison that all were members of the brigade as children before the Great Calamity and used to play with Link 100 years ago. According to Rivan, Bazz was known a the leader of the pack due to his role as leader of the Bazz Brigade.


As a Zora, Bazz is a natural born swimmer and ages at a much slower rate than Hylians. Though he apparently does not possess his father's shock resistance, Bazz was able to become a skilled warrior thanks to training he received from Link before the Great Calamity, eventually rising through the ranks of the Zora Royal Guard to attain the rank of Captain. As a Captain of the Royal Guard, he wields a Silverscale Spear as Zora tend to favor spears over swords, though he is apparently skilled at wielding a sword thanks to Link's training.

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