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Take redirects here. For the minigame in Spirit Tracks, see Take 'Em All On!.

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Battle Mode
ST Battle Mode Artwork.png
Game(s) Phantom Hourglass
Spirit Tracks
Reward(s)Treasures (PH)
Ship Parts (ST)

Battle Mode,[1] also known as Multiplayer, is a recurring game mode in The Legend of Zelda series. The choice menu appears automatically from starting to play Phantom Hourglass. Battle Mode is played either in Tag Mode or Online Play. Online Play offers many choices concerning the opponent's skill level as well as the ability to play using Friend Codes. DS Download Play is also supported requiring only one gamepak and two DS systems. Results of a game played this way will not be saved.


Phantom Hourglass

PH Phantom Artwork.png

Battle matches consist of 3 rounds. In each round, players will alternate between playing as Link to playing as a trio of Phantoms in one of the eight maps available.[2] The clock is set for a round to last 60 seconds. However, power-ups exist to lengthen or shorten the time remaining. A round ends when Link is struck by a Phantom's sword. The final round is skipped if the player whose turn is to be Link has the highest score. If Link has the lesser score, the match will end if he gets a higher score.

While playing as Link, the player must turn as many Force Gems into his or her color as possible. Each player has a colored zone. Throwing a Force Gem onto the colored tiles changes its color.

While playing as Phantoms, block Link's paths to Force Gems.

In addition to colored zones, there are 'Safe Zones'. These are the same safe zones used in Adventure Mode. Phantoms can not see Link while he is in them. Throwing a colored Force Gem into a safe zone will change it back to Yellow.

  • Stats are assigned a letter grade and a point scale to each player. Stats also include records of Wins, Loses, and Ties.
  • At any time during a match, pressing X, Y, A, or B will send a Link emotion face to the other player. (Surprise, Happy, Angry)
  • Who gets to choose which of the eight Stages to play will be random.
  • After losing a match, a useful tip will appear on the status screen.
  • Link's manner face, next to the player name is an indication of how often a player drops out of battles. The more grim it is, the more the player drops out, most likely when a loss is imminent. Completing battles, the expression will become happier.
  • If Link scores many points he can move faster while holding a force gem. More points, more speed.


Force Gems

Phantoms cannot see Link while he is in a base or safe zone, but they can see the floating Force Gems. Only Link can move the force gems around. On the flip side; Link cannot see where any of the Phantoms are on the map unless a Force Gem is held up.


The color of Force gems do not denote value. At the beginning of a battle, all Force Gems will be golden. Player 1 will have a red tunic and red safe zones. Player 2 will be assigned blue. Tossing a Force Gem into the blue safe zone will change its color to blue, regardless of its previous color.

It is helpful for players to take their opponent's Force Gem and throw them into their own safe zone to change it to their own color. Doing so will subtract points from their opponent's score to add to the player's.

Tossing Force Gems into safe zones will turn them gold again. This will subtract points from the player whose color was lost.


There are three sizes:

  • Small: Worth only 1 point, can be quickly carried and tossed far.
  • Medium: Worth 5 points, can be carried at a modest speed and tossed a short distance.
  • Large: Worth 15 points, is very heavy and causes Link to walk slow; can be tossed very short distances.


By placing ship Parts or Treasure in Freedle's boxes, they can be swapped them with the opponent after the match is completed. This only works if both players have items in Freedle's box.

Big Plays

Big Plays are certain conditions that can be met during a match. Not all require a victory. Each time after getting 4 new Big Plays, Eddo's apprentice, Fuzo, on Cannon Island will have a new treasure chest as a prize -- always a Gold Ship Part. First, check the Postbox for a letter from Fuzo.

  • No Items – Win without using any power ups.
  • No Dribble – Win without dropping a Force Gems outside a base or safe zone.
  • Limit – Strike Link within the last 20 seconds of two rounds.
  • Solo – Strike Link in any one turn using only one Phantom.
  • Break – Break 10 or more of the opponent's power ups.
  • Take – Pick up 10 or more power ups.
  • Perfect Master – Complete "Perfect" and "Limit" in the same match.
  • Quick – Win a match, felling Link in the first 20 seconds of two turns.
  • Miracle – Win with a final score of 1-0.
  • Get Everything – Win, turning all the Force Gems your color.
  • Guardian – Win without letting the opponent score any points.
  • Perfect – Complete "Get Everything" and "Guardian" in the same match.
  • No Miss – Win without being taken down as Link.
  • Guardian King – Take Link down 3 times as the Phantoms.
  • Master – Complete "No Miss" and "Guardian King" (not Guardian, as the game erroneously states) in the same match.
  • Battle Master – Complete "Limit" and "Master" in the same match.


Link obtaining Speed Up

These appear in color orbs throughout the stage. A player's own power-ups will be their own color, and are obtained them by walking through the orb. Walking through the opponent's orb breaks it and denies them the opportunity to use it. Both players will be alerted when a power up is activated.

  • Strength Up: Available to Link and Phantoms. Enables Link to move faster with heavier Force Gems. Phantoms receive a larger sword.
  • Speed Up: Available to Link and Phantoms, Enables Link/Phantoms to move faster.
  • Clone: Available to Link and Phantoms. Creates a second Link, mimicking his movement to possibly send Phantoms away chasing it. Creates a fourth Phantom, making Link feel more caught than he may be.
  • Windwalls: Available to Phantoms, activates Windwalls, limiting Link's paths.
  • Shuffle: Available to Both, This will randomly scatter all Force Gems throughout the stage.
  • One Hit Immunity: Available to Link, Allows Link to be hit once without ending the round.
  • 30 seconds Added: Available to Link, Gives Link more time to collect Force Gems.
  • 30 seconds Subtracted: Available to Phantoms, opposite effect of above.

Spirit Tracks


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Canada FrenchCA Mode multijoueur Multiplayer mode
Italian Republic Italian Sfida
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Modo de Duelo

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