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The Battle Axe is a weapon featured in The Crystal Trap. Belonging to Ganon, Zelda and Link are tricked by a Goriya who tells them that the Battle Axe is the only weapon that can truly defeat Ganon.[1]

If the princess and the young hero decide to follow the Goriya, he will lead them into a large room in the depths of the mountain, where at the far end of the room, is a throne holding the massive battle axe.[2] The Goriya disappears as Link grabs the axe, following Zelda out of the palace and into the forest. Just then, Ganon appears from behind a lone tree.[3] Link, thinking that he has the right weapon to defeat the evil wizard, will throw the axe at the Magic Scroll in Ganon's hand, but it stops in midair.[4] The King of Evil then informs the pair that the Battle Axe belongs to him, and that he told the Goriya to lead Link and Zelda to it so that they'd stop looking for the real weapon that could defeat him: the Spear.[5] The book ends with a Game Over as Ganon prepares to cast the Magic Scroll spell again to encase Link in the Crystal.[6]


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