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Barriers are recurring elements from The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name reference needed] They often prevent Link from progressing until he has accomplished a certain task. Barriers go unnamed in The Minish Cap.

Baneful Barriers[]

Floor Spikes[]

Main article: Floor Spikes

One of the most common kinds of barrier, Floor Spikes appear in several Zelda titles, mostly in dungeons. They are indestructible, though some retract after having defeated all the enemies in the area, or after completing a puzzle.

Lightning Lock[]

Main article: Lightning Lock

In A Link to the Past, the evil wizard Agahnim creates an electric barrier, known as a Lightning Lock, to prevent Link from reaching him. If the young hero strikes the barrier with his sword, he will be electrocuted and will take damage. Link can only break this barrier once he has the Master Sword.

Fire Barriers[]

In Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, Fire often serves as a barrier preventing Link from obtaining items or reaching certain areas in dungeons, harming the young hero if he touches it.


The magical barrier protecting the inner part of Ganon's Castle

Six Evil Barriers[]

The Six Evil Barriers found Inside Ganon's Castle in Ocarina of Time block passage to the inner parts of the Ganon's Tower.[2] Each Barrier corresponds to the six Six Sages, whom Link must free from their respective sections.[3][4][5][6][7][8] Once Link rescues all of the Sages, the barrier becomes unstable and dissipates.

Electric Barrier[]

Like the Lightning Lock, electrified barriers appear in The Wind Waker and Four Swords Adventures, coincidentally in Hyrule Castle. They cannot be removed until all other enemies in the area have been defeated. One of these barriers also appears in the 48th floor of the Savage Labyrinth.

Curtain of Twilight[]

Main article: Curtain of Twilight

In Twilight Princess, the barrier between the Twilight and the world of Hyrule is known as the Curtain of Twilight. Link cannot enter the Twilight without the aid of someone from the Twilight Realm.[9] Regular humans who enter the Twilight become spirits. However, because Link possesses the Triforce of Courage, he becomes a blue-eyed beast upon entering it.[10] However, once Link obtains the Master Sword, he can safely enter the Twilight without losing his human form.

Twilight Barriers[]

Whenever Link battles Shadow Beasts in Twilight Princess, he is surrounded by barriers of Twilight magic. These barriers herald the invasion of Zant's forces. Twilight Barriers serve to prevent the young hero from escaping and to also provide an additional challenge by hiding some Shadow Beasts behind a maze made from the barrier.

After Zant gravely injures Midna by exposing her to the light from Lanayru, the Light Spirit, Link takes her to Princess Zelda. To save her, Zelda transfers her soul into Midna,[11][12] which allows her to exist as a physical form in the world of Hyrule. Zant then surrounds Hyrule Castle in a golden, diamond-shaped barrier after Link leaves. After defeating Zant and witnessing the true potential of the Fused Shadows,[13] Midna uses the Fused Shadows to break the barrier surrounding the castle.

During the battle with Puppet Zelda, Ganondorf erects a golden wall to prevent Link from escaping. Ganondorf again creates the golden barrier wall during the final battle. The barrier disappears after Ganondorf is defeated.

Beneficial Barriers[]

Cane of Byrna[]

Main article: Cane of Byrna

The Cane of Byrna is an item usable by Link. When used, it creates a magical barrier that protects the young hero from any form of damage at the cost of Link's magic. The barrier damages any enemies that come into contact with it.

Nayru's Love[]

Main article: Nayru's Love

In the Desert Colossus, Link can receive a spell from a Great Fairy known as Nayru's Love. When used, it surrounds Link's body in a blue diamond for a substantial amount of time, preventing the young hero from sustaining damage. However, it does not stop Link from flinching from enemy strikes. It drains 12 MP when used and Link cannot use any other items that drain magic power while it is in effect and must wait for the spell to run out.

Zora Link's Electric Shield[]

When Link assumes his Zora form, he can generate an electric shield at the cost of his magic. This shield can be used when Link is swimming or on land.

Magic Armor[]

Main article: Magic Armor

In The Wind Waker, Link can obtain the Magic Armor after completing the Island Trading Sequence. When used, it slowly drains Link's Magic Power and surrounds the young hero, protecting him from damage until it runs out.

In Twilight Princess, the Magic Armor takes the form of a tunic, which can only be bought after Link helps establish the Castle Town Malo Mart branch. Link will not be able to afford it if he attempts to purchase it from Chudley's Fine Goods and Fancy Trinkets Emporium. However, once Malo Mart buys the store to bring affordable prices of wares to the people of Castle Town, Link can purchase it for 598 Rupees.

When used, the Magic Armor drains Link's Rupees at a quick pace, but the young hero will be protected from damage inflicted by enemies. If Link is hit while wearing it, he will lose 12 Rupees. Once all of his Rupees are drained, the armor will lose its golden luster and become heavy, making him move sluggishly as if he were wearing the Iron Boots.

Impa's Barrier[]

When Ghirahim attacks Zelda in the Temple of Time in Skyward Sword, Impa defends her by using a blue magic barrier. Ghirahim eventually overpowers Impa and shatters her barrier with his sword, sending her flying back. The barrier is not seen again after this.

Neutrally Obstructive Barriers[]

Water Barriers[]

In Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, pillars of water appear to prevent Link from reaching chests or accessing other parts of dungeons because their currents prevent the young hero from entering them. These pillars of water can also be used by Link as impromptu platforms, allowing him to cross gaps or ascend to other rooms.

Onox's Barrier[]

In Oracle of Seasons, General Onox creates a barrier of dark mist over his castle on the Northern Peak. The young hero can only break this barrier by collecting all eight Essences of Nature and receiving the Huge Maku Seed from the Maku Tree. Once the young hero carries the Huge Maku Seed, he is able to dispel the dark mist and proceed.

Veran's Illusory Barrier[]

In Oracle of Ages, upon the completion of the Black Tower, Veran weaves an illusion that prevents access to the top floors of the tower by causing those who attempt to climb up to them to get lost. The only way to dispel the illusion is for Link to gather all eight Essences of Time and receive the Huge Maku Seed from the Maku Tree, at which point the true entrance to the tower is shown and usable.

Strictly speaking, this is not a true barrier, relying on misdirection rather than a physical deterrent (a trait it shares with the effects of the Lost Woods). However, it still serves as a makeshift barrier by preventing access to the upper floors of the tower.

Rock Barriers[]

TMC Goron Cave Interior

Two Gorons attempting to break a Rock Barrier

In Four Swords, Rock Barriers appear to impede the Links' journey. The young heroes can only destroy it by attacking it with their swords until it withers to nothing.

The Rock Barriers appear again in The Minish Cap, this time guarding an Empty Bottle in the Goron Cave near Lon Lon Ranch. Link can only get past them by fusing Kinstones with Mysterious Walls and Eenie. Once one Goron breaks through, it encounters another, larger Rock Barrier and cannot proceed without the help of another Goron. To assist the Goron, Link must fuse Kinstones, which will cause another Goron to stumble upon the cave. However, once the two Gorons break through, they encounter another larger Rock Barrier and need the assistance of another Goron. This continues until six Gorons have broken the final wall and reached the end of the cave where Link can find find a chest containing an Empty Bottle.

The excavation of the Goron Cave is also necessary for Link to obtain the Mirror Shield, as he must fuse Kinstones with a Goron inside after they have dug all the way through. This will cause Biggoron to appear over Veil Falls, where Link can allow Biggoron to chew on his regular shield, causing it to become the Mirror Shield.

Great Sea Barrier[]

Deep beneath the Great Sea in The Wind Waker lies the remains of Hyrule Castle, protected by a crimson barrier that connects to the path to Ganon's Tower. After learning of Princess Zelda's kidnapping, Link shatters the barrier with the power of the fully restored Master Sword and the Triforce of Courage. If Link has not restored the power of Master Sword with the Earth Sage and Wind Sage's prayers and does not have the eight pieces of the Triforce of Courage,[14] he cannot break the barrier.[15] If the young hero run into it, he will be thrown back, but he will not take any damage.

Snow Wall[]

In Four Swords Adventures a Deku Scrub creates walls of Snow in the Frozen Hyrule stage to stop the Links. To get past the wall, the Links need to use Fire Rods while in Deku Scrub formation to melt it.[16] The rewards for melting them are several Force Gems.

Vaati's Barrier[]

Dark Barrier

Vaati's dark magic barrier

In every level in Four Swords Adventures, Vaati creates dark magic barriers to block the Links from reaching the exits. The barriers can only be broken by powering up the Four Sword,[17][18] which is achieved by collecting 2000 Force Gems within each level. The barriers are always composed of four glass globes containing Vaati's eye symbol, connected by a chain of electricity and surrounded by a dark fog.

According to Kaepora Gaebora, the barriers drain the land of its life,[19] similar to the Curtain of Twilight.

Ice Barrier[]

In Phantom Hourglass, spikes of ice bar Link's way to the Temple of Ice. The barrier melts once Link defeats the six white Yooks on the Great Ice Field.[20] A second ice barrier appears right before the entrance to the dungeon; Link must defeat a brown Yook to make it disappear. Several more ice barriers appear within the temple itself. They are dispelled by completing various puzzles in the dungeon. Similar spikes also appear in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, though these can be easily destroyed with regular attacks.

Cloud Barrier[]

Main article: Cloud Barrier

After raising the humans into The Sky in Skyward Sword, the Goddess Hylia creates a magical barrier between The Sky and The Surface below to protect Skyloft. After meeting Link, Fi gives the young hero an Emerald Tablet, which creates an opening in the Cloud Barrier over Faron Woods, identified by the green Column of Light emitted from it. To reach Eldin Volcano and Lanayru Desert, Link must obtain the Ruby Tablet and Amber Tablet respectively, which open more Columns of Light.

Despite Hylia's magic, Ghirahim manages to manipulate a tornado above the cloud barrier and cause Zelda to fall to the Surface.

SS Horde Battle

Ghirahim's Barrier during the Horde Battle

Ghirahim's Barriers[]

Ghirahim has the ability to create diamond barriers. The Demon Lord first uses this to prevent Link's interference when he assaults Zelda and Impa at the Temple of Time. As he focuses on breaking Impa's magic barrier, his own barrier wanes until Link finally gets by it and stops him.

Ghirahim uses this barrier again when he is trying to buy time to resurrect Demise in the Horde Battle. He also uses these barriers as platforms when he assumes his sword spirit form during the "Endless Plunge".[21]



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