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Baron is a Boss in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.[name reference needed] He is found on Mount Desma. When Tingle meets him, he asks if he wants to challenge him.[1][2] Several skeletons lay on the ground where Baron is found, which he explains are the remains of those who fought him before.[3] Should Tingle accept Baron's challenge, he will drop from the ceiling and begin the battle.

Baron is a strong foe, evident by the fact that he can take thousands of Rupees from Tingle each second. Only a Drifter Bodyguard is powerful enough to defeat him.


After defeating Baron, Tingle will recover the Demon's Mask - a mask that resembles Baron's face. Whichever Drifter Bodyguard is present will ask to see the mask and relate the history of Baron before purchasing the mask to bury. However, the story that is related will change depending on the Bodyguard. These stories, therefore, may all be fictitious rumors or separate parts of Baron's story. There are several common threads between the stories, however, including the manufacture of the mask, a war, Baron's personal loss, his self-enforced exile and the resemblance of the mask to the god of war, named by Ronny as Bamo.

According to Teddy Todo, there was a master mask-maker whose creations were loved by children many years before.[4] When war broke out, the artisan's son joined the army and never returned.[5] Several months after his son's presumed death, the mask-maker carved a mask of the god of war, which he donned before joining the war himself.[6] Although he never returned to his village, rumors spread of a masked warrior called Baron who cried as he slew his foes.[7]

Yamori relates that Baron was himself a Drifter Bodyguard who was peerless in battle.[8][9] After countless victories, the families of his victims united to hunt him down.[10] Rather than fight them, Baron chose to disguise himself with a mask and live in isolation on the mountains.[11]

A legend told by Ronny tells of two gods who were close brothers: Bamo, god of war, and Aron, god of love.[12] When humans first appeared, problems soon arose. These humans wanted to steal the land of the gods and attacked when Bamo was abroad, killing Aron.[13] Bamo took revenge wearing a devil's mask, killing many humans in combat.[14] This failed to assuage his pain, and at last Bamo hid in a cave.[15] Eventually the humans forgot their crime and began to search for Bamo,[16] possibly explaining the skulls found upon the chamber's floor.[3] Ronny tentatively concludes that Baron is Bamo,[17] or possibly both gods in one form.[18] This latter possibility may explain Baron's claim that he never wanted to hurt anyone,[19] while the identification of Baron as a god explains his survival through centuries of hiding.[20]


  • One of the skulls on the floor is wider than the other human skulls and more closely resembles a Goron, although no Gorons are observed in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.
    • Alternatively, this could be the skull of Teddy Todo's father. In the Japanese version of the game, Teddy Todo is reportedly the only Bodyguard capable of defeating Baron, having sworn to avenge the defeat of his father.[21] This places a vastly different interpretation on the flower Teddy Todo leaves in the grotto - the only Bodyguard to make such a gesture.
  • The description of the Demon's Mask, which may confer combative advantages upon its wearer, resembles the description of the Fierce Deity's Mask from Majora's Mask.
    • The compulsory awarding of a mask resembling a defeated foe after a battle, along with the funerary treatment of the mask as the remains of Baron by the Drifter Bodyguards, is reminiscent of the remains obtained after defeating Bosses in Majora's Mask.


Baron's name is likely a portmanteau of the two god brothers, Bamo and Aron. This may support Ronny's possible conclusion that Baron was Bamo and Aron united. Alternatively, Bamo may have adopted the name in memory of Aron - a possible reference to the Greek goddess Athena who attached the name of her childhood friend, Palas, to her own after killing him in a fight.


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