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Baron is a character from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. A fierce red monster, he lives in a cavern near the summit of Mount Desma. When Tingle enters his home, Baron demands he leave immediately. If Tingle remains to fight, the monster appears and attacks, challenging Tingle to kill him before the dust from their battle settles. Tingle himself and regular bodyguards are incapable of killing Baron before the dust fades, and the only ones who stand a chance are the three drifter bodyguards: Teddy Todo, Yamori and Ronny.

Baron is the God of War, who despises Humans. At one time, Baron was known as Bamo, and his younger brother was killed by Humans who sought to take his land. The deity used the power of a demon to grow evil, and he set out to get revenge on the Human race. Baron became a drifter bodyguard who was incredibly ruthless. He killed all those he met in battle, and when his victims' families got together to defeat the monster, he went into hiding on Mount Desma.

Teddy Todo tells Tingle that his father was killed by Baron, and that he sought to obtain the Mini Death Bug Chrysalis to gain enough power to slay the beast. If Teddy Todo is the bodyguard used to defeat Baron, he leaves a flower behind in remembrance of his father.

When the monster is defeated, he leaves behind the Demon Mask, which will be bought by one of the three drifter bodyguards for varying amounts of Rupees.

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