This article is about the The Adventure of Link boss. For the boss from Ocarina of Time, see Volvagia.

Barba, also known as Volvagia (バルバジア Barubajia?), is the boss of the Hidden Palace, the sixth dungeon in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. It is a long bodied serpent-like dragon that lives in lava.



The room in which Barba is encountered has three lava pits. It rises out of any of these before an attack. When it rises from the lava, it stops at a height as high as Link's maximum natural jump height. It then spits a stream of fireballs at Link, then sinks down into the lava before reappearing from another pit. Barba's only weak point is its head. Link is able to attack the head when Barba rises up from the lava, but he can also use the Jump Spell to damage it more easily. Barba's fireballs can be blocked with the help of the Reflect Spell. It is immune to the Thunder Spell and Fire Spell.


Barba (The Adventure of Link)

Barba (The Adventure of Link)

Name discrepancy

The name Barba is a mistranslation of Volvagia. In the remake of The Adventure of Link for the Game Boy Advance, as well as the port included in The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition, its name was changed to Volvagia.

The name barba is spanish for beard

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Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors Artwork Volga (Barba-Classic Volvagia Recolor - Master Quest DLC)

Render of Volga in his Barba Recolor outfit from Hyrule Warriors

Volga's unlockable Master Quest outfit is a recolor of his standard outfit based on Barba from Zelda II.

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