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For the similarly named boss in Ocarina of Time, see Volvagia.

Barba,[1] sometimes referred to as Volvagia,[2] is the Boss of the Three-Eye Rock Palace in The Adventure of Link.


Barba's boss room has three lava pits. Barba rises from the depths of the lava and directly into the air, keeping its head away from the range of Link's Sword. It breathes a stream of fire at him. Its attacks will often knock Link into the lava if he is hit, so Link must time his jumps to avoid the flames. Barba can be beaten if Link uses the Jump Magic to leap into the air and strike the dragon on its head. It is also possible to defeat it by using the Jump Thrust, though this method is more risky, as it is easier to fall into the lava.

In the original Japanese version of The Adventure of Link for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Barba looks more like a traditional Eastern dragon. In the international release, it was updated to look more like a Western dragon. It was made wider and shorter, and given an animated body and head. Barba's official artwork is based on its original appearance.

The layout of the boss room was also changed,[how?] to remove an exploit that allowed Link to defeat Barba easily when it appears on the left side of the screen.

Barba roars constantly throughout the battle in the Japanese version.[which?]


Barba is likely a shortening of Barubajia, Barba's Japanese name.

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