Banji is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Banji is a Hylian who can be found at the Tabantha Bridge Stable in the Tabantha Frontier region of Hyrule. She is the caretaker of Tabantha Bridge Stable and is the mother of Ena, Kenyo, and Sho. She is familiar with the areas around Tabantha Bridge Stable and gives directions to travelers. She has an unnamed aunt who she mentions occasionally visits the stable. Her aunt is quite knowledgeable about local legends such as the Lord of the Mountain, the god who watches over the stables, and Thundra Plateau in Ludfo's Bog however Banji herself believes the Lord of Satori Mountain and Malanya are simply legends. However she does note that Thundra Plateau has been covered by dark storm clouds since before her aunt was born and praises Hylia when they suddenly vanish after Link completes the "Trial of Thunder" and Toh Yahsa Shrine, even suggesting she will take the horses out on a field trip to the plateau since the storm clouds are gone. Banji is also familiar with Konba who runs the Footrace at the Footrace Check-In in Upland Lindor north of the stable. Banji attributes Konba's habit of challenging strangers to footraces as due to him being really bored and suggests Link pay him a visit.

During the day she tends to the stable's luggage and animals with assistance from her daughter Ena. At night she watches Ena sleep.


Banji is friendly and welcoming to travelers whom she offers to give directions to. She respects her unnamed aunt though considers her aunt's stories of Malanya and the Lord of the Mountain to be mere legend. This is in sharp contrast to her children Kenyo and Ena who believe in Ghosts and Fairies respectively. However Banji does apparently believe in the goddess Hylia as she praises Hylia after the thunderstorm that had been raging over Thundra Plateau since before her aunt was born disappears apparently considering it to be a blessing from the heavens. She is apparently very close to her only daughter Ena.

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