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The Bakery is a location in The Minish Cap.[1]

Features and Overview[]

The Bakery is located in Hyrule Town and is owned by Wheaton and Pita. They are known for their pastries that hold prizes inside, as well as the taste of the pastries themselves.[2][3] Link can purchase these and have a chance to find Kinstone Pieces inside.[4][5] After Vaati has taken over King Daltus and sent the soldiers after the Light Force, business starts to go poor for the couple.[6][7]

Wheaton & Pita (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Wheaton & Pita Figurine Sprite
Wheaton & Pita
This couple bakes bread in Hyrule.
Their tasty pastries hold a secret...
If you're extra lucky, there'll
be a helpful item hidden inside!

Wares and Pricing[]

Item Description Price
TMC Brioche Sprite
...a filling and fulfilling bargain FS Green Rupee Sprite 20 Rupees
TMC Croissant Sprite
...a flaky, buttery bargain FS Green Rupee Sprite 30 Rupees
TMC Slice of Pie Sprite
Slice of Pie
...a snacktacular bargain FS Green Rupee Sprite 40 Rupees
TMC Slice of Cake Sprite
Slice of Cake
...a moist and cream-filled bargain FS Green Rupee Sprite 60 Rupees


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