"I got a job interview. How am I supposed to get up there?!"
— Baito

Baito is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He is quite earnest when it comes to successfully becoming proficient in an occupation. Despite this, he still becomes homesick when he misses his mother, Kashiko, which can be a burden to him. He seems to like Link and wants to be just like him.


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When Link has sorted 25 letters for Koboli at the Mail Center, Baito can be found outside, looking for an entrance into Dragon Roost Island. Link can push a nearby block down, allowing people to climb up. Baito thanks him for this and travels into the Rito cavern on the island. Later, Baito can be found working as an intern for Koboli. Baito asks Link to show him how to sort 25 letters. After successfully accomplishing this feat, Baito asks him to mail a letter to his mother, Kashiko, since he cannot do it himself due to his long hours. Link mails it, and after a few days, he receives a mailed response from Baito, saying that he is trying hard at his job. He also attempts to encourage Link on his quest. Enclosed in the letter is 20 Rupees. At around the same time, Link will receive a letter from Kashiko thanking Link for helping her son. Enclosed in her letter is a Piece of Heart.

Notably, the tattoo on Baito's back appears to be the Sheikah eyedrop symbol.

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Due to their similar appearance and shared profession as a part-time worker, some believe that Baito is a descendent of the Part-time Employee from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

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"Baito" is a pun; in Japanese "バイト" means a part-time job or a part-time worker. It is a Japanese loan word from the German "Arbeit" which means "work".

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