River Man

Bagu is a character from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. He is the "master" of the Water Town of Saria, as identified by a Bot living in one of the houses in town. This concept is furthered by the fact that the River Man and other town guards will not lower the bridge leading to Death Mountain without Bagu's permission.

Link finds Bagu's cottage in a wooded area known as the N of River, north of the Water Town of Saria. Here, Bagu gives Link a written Note to show the River Man, after which he is allowed to proceed onward to Death Mountain.

Non-canonical appearances

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The Legend of Zelda comics

Bagu appears in one edition of the Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant. Following the events of The Adventure of Link, Bagu stays in North Palace with Princess Zelda. After gaining her trust, he betrays her and steals the Triforce of Wisdom. Link chases after Bagu, and learns that Ganon had kidnapped Bagu's pet frogs, and is holding them ransom, demanding the Triforce of Wisdom. Understanding his motives, Link takes back the Triforce of Wisdom, but gives Bagu the Power Gloves. With the gloves, Bagu battles Ganon and wins back his frogs.

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Bagu is Japanese for bug. Combined with Error, these two characters make up Error and Bug, two names for programming problems.

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