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"BOINNG! I've heard that the Baga Tree is a rival of the Great Deku Tree, but he's not beat him once..."
Gossip Stone

The Baga Tree is a a character from the manga based on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He inhabits the Lost Woods and is depicted very similar to the Great Deku Tree but with an "evil" face. Also, the Baga Tree is able to move his roots as hands.


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As explained to Link by a Gossip Stone, the Baga Tree is the rival of the Great Deku Tree, but the Baga Tree has never beat him once. The Baga Tree seems to complain because the Great Deku Tree is the one who rules the forest. When the Skull Kid tells the Baga Tree that he has kidnapped Saria, the Baga Tree thinks of it as revenge against the Great Deku Tree.

The Baga Tree is able to summon beasts. The only ones he has been seen summoning, however, are Wolfos and Moblins. The Baga Tree can also create roots with his face drawn through all of the forest using them as hands and to shoot sharp leaves as projectiles. Link, along with Mido and other Kokiri, defeats the Baga Tree and he transforms into a normal tree. The Great Deku Tree later explains that a parasite (that looks slightly like Gohma from Ocarina of Time) was controlling him.

A side story in the manga also tells of Link making a mask for a Kokiri festival, which is stolen by the Skull Kid, who later instead takes the mask of the festival's "monster" (ironically played by Link).

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