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Baga Tree
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The Baga Tree is a character in the Ocarina of Time manga by Akira Himekawa's bonus story, The Skull Kid and the Mask.[citation needed]


The Baga Tree is the evil counterpart to the Great Deku Tree and once ruled the Lost Woods long ago.[2] The Baga Tree urges Skull Kid to attack Link, as he foresees that Link will grow up and destroy them.[3] As a result, Skull Kid captures Saria and brings her to the Baga Tree. Praising Skull Kid, the Baga Tree reveals that the Kokiri's abduction is instrumental for his revenge on the Great Deku Tree.[4] The Skull Kid questions what the Baga Tree meant by Link growing up and the Baga Tree explains that Link is not really a Kokiri.[5][6] He also states that the Great Deku Tree unforgivably violated the law by accepting Link into the Forest.[7] He then orders a frightened Skull Kid to destroy Link before the Great Deku Tree interferes.[8]

When the Skull Kid frees Saria from her prison, the Baga Tree orders the Forest's spirits to recapture the Kokiri girl.[9] However, he refuses to let Skull Kid himself go, as he is aware of the child's actions.[10] He wounds Skull Kid by violently hurling him away and does so again when Skull Kid shields Link from the Baga Tree's attack.[11] Angered, Link attacks the Baga Tree with his stick, although his only weapon breaks on impact.[12] Saria, Link and Skull Kid become surrounded by the forest spirits and Moblins, but Mido comes to their rescue. When Mido attacks the Baga Tree, a small parasite exits him and Mido steps on it soon after. With the parasite killed, the Baga Tree's power fades away, along with his forces.[13] The Baga Tree then transforms into a regular tree. Despite the Baga Tree's destruction, the Great Deku Tree is worried about the parasite that possessed him.[14]


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