Baddek is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a mounted Hylian traveler who travels along the road from the Breach of Demise to Serenne Stable. He is an admitted horse lover and enthusiast often providing Link with horse related facts and horse related stories. He even informs Link of the four Stables where Bridles and Saddles can be changed.

His love of horses is so strong he apparently has no fear of Stalhorses even claiming he once rode a horse made up of noting but bones in the snowy mountains and notes he could never be scared by a horse even an undead one making him one of the few Hylians to view them as horses rather than monsters. He notes the Stalhorse ran rather well and was suprisingly a comfortable ride. However he talks about horses so much his wife left him for a horse.

He is fascinated by the White Horse that lives on Safula Hill which he notes is a horse fit for a king and even mentions how girls tend to talk dreamily about princes riding up on a White Horse suggesting the Princes of Hyrule ride White Horses like the Princesses of Hyrule and the image of a Prince riding a White Horse has become romantized in Hyrule much like in the real world. However Baddek notes he'd rather have the horse than a stuffy prince.

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