"From here, I check on the Curiosity Shop's customers. That guy will definitely appear. I'll be waiting when it happens."

The Backroom is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Found behind a door in the Laundry Pool, it is located directly behind the Curiosity Shop. The Backroom is generally locked and can only be entered after certain requirements have been met.


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After his Sun's Mask was stolen, Kafei was given permission to hide out in the Backroom by his friend, the Man from the Curiosity Shop. Here, Kafei waits during the three day cycle of Majora's Mask in this spartan accommodation, with only a bed and desk. Using a hidden spyhole, Kafei keeps watch over the Curiosity Shop in the hopes of spotting Sakon, the thief who stole his mask. When Sakon finally appears on the night of the Second Day, Kafei follows Sakon to his hideout in Ikana. Link must have gained Kafei's trust before this time to aid him in retrieving the Sun's Mask.

After 1pm on the Final Day, the Curiosity Shop Owner can be found in the Backroom, where he gives Link Kafei's Keaton Mask and his Letter to Mama.

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