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Not to be confused with the Parry Attack, a similar technique used in The Wind Waker.
Back Slice
TP Link Using Back Slice.jpg
Link using the Back Slice on a Lizalfos.
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Attacking Enemies from behind[2]

The Back Slice is an ability in Twilight Princess.[3]


The Back Slice is the third Hidden Skill that Link can learn. To learn this Hidden Skill, Link must first find a Howling Stone to awaken the White Wolf.[4] The Howling Stone required to learn this Hidden Skill can be found on a ledge in the Upper Zora's River. After howling with the White Wolf, the White Wolf tells Link to find him when he returns to human form.[5] The White Wolf also marks where he will be waiting on Link's Map. After returning to human form, Link can find the White Wolf waiting for him on a small platform outside the western edge of Hyrule Castle Town. Approaching the White Wolf will return Link to the clouded area where the Hero's Spirit can teach him the Back Slice.

While Link is targeting an Enemy, he can side jump to roll around the foe, which will cause Link to end up directly behind his opponent and thus give him a chance to strike. By attacking at the end of the sidewards roll, Link will perform a jumping slice into the Enemy's back.[6] This technique can also be used when nothing is targeted, but Link will just roll sideways instead of in a semi-circular pattern.


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