Baby Gohmas are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Found only in the Temple of Time, Baby Gohmas are immature arthropods with large, round abdomens. They appear within multiple rooms of the main temple, and in the boss chamber.

Baby Gohmas are normally found in large swarms, and attack as such. However, they will flee Link if he looks in their direction or activates the Spinner. The Ball and Chain, the Clawshot, or a statue controlled by the Dominion Rod are considered the most effective ways to rid these spiders. In the main temple, the spiders will run away from Link if he is facing them, but they will attack from behind. During the battle with Armogohma, she sends the spiders to attack Link, as well as to provide refuge for her remaining eye.

Possible Inspiration

These enemies may have drawn inspiration from enemies from Pikmin 2 called Mitites, due to their similar appearances and mannerisms.

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