"Ah, yes... For one like you to reach the heights, it will be necessary to use the Baba Buds scattered around here."
Great Deku Tree

Baba Buds are items from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. These Boko Baba buds have the ability to shoot Link high up into the air if he climbs into one, allowing him to use his Deku Leaf to glide through the air. They also partially replenish his Magic Meter. Occasionally, Baba Buds are empty, while at other times, the Boko Baba inhabiting one must be defeated for one to appear. Defeated Boko Babas do not always leave behind Baba Buds. A dead Baba Bud has slightly different colors from a live one.

Baba Buds are most often found growing in forest areas such as the Forest Haven and the Forbidden Woods. In order to obtain the Deku Leaf, Link has to use the many Baba Buds that grow on the Great Deku Tree. After obtaining the leaf, Link must use it in conjunction with Baba Buds in order to reach the exit to the ramp leading to the Forbidden Woods. Each Baba Bud is located slightly higher up than the previous one, and Link must carefully align himself with the next bud before he is launched out from it to safely land in the next bud.

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