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Unnamed husband[1]

Aya is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Aya is a worker at the East Akkala Stable. She sits on a stool under the tree next to the Blue Flame Pedestal at all hours of the day. When spoken to, she will seem depressed.[3] Upon questioning, she'll explain that her life has been dull since she married, and she previously used to pass the time by staring at the Blue Flame.[1] However, she notes the director of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab hasn't lit the fire in a while.[4]

Link can offer to relight the Blue Flame, which triggers the Blue Flame Mini-Game.[5] She will charge Link 20 Rupees as a horse-handling fee, since she doesn't see how else Link could complete the challenge that fast.[6][7] She also makes a joke before sending Link out, pretending to count down and then telling Link this is what she'll say before he leaves.[8] If Link returns the Blue Flame, Aya will be excited and give Link a Purple Rupee as a reward.[9]

The next time the Blue Flame goes out, Aya will ask Link to bring it back in one minute.[10] After this is done, Aya will reward Link with a Silver Rupee.

When the Blue Flame goes out a third time, Aya asks Link to relight the lantern in less than twenty seconds.[11] The reward for doing this is a Gold Rupee. On subsequent visits, however, she will only be able to give Link twenty Rupees.[12]

If the Blue Flame is out while it's raining, Aya will remark that Link shouldn't retrieve it due to the poor weather.[13]

Aya is happier while the Blue Flame is lit. She asks Link if there's anything as pretty as the Blue Flame, but she doesn't think there is.[14] She also finds the Blue Flame to be soothing, and wants to know if Link thinks the same.[15] In addition, she will warn Link against putting it out,[16] grumbling angrily if he does so.[17]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseミホ (Miho)
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