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Autobuild is an ability in Tears of the Kingdom.

Location and Uses[]

This ability is received later than the initial four abilities. It is found in the depths, after completing the "A Mystery In The Depths" mission. It streamlines the Ultrahand building process and is especially useful in sections in which one has to build a lot.

Autobuild automatically saves objects that have been recently stuck together through the use of Ultrahand, it can store a total of 30 Ultrahand projects before it starts deleting the oldest iterations, of which the player can select a total of 8 as favorites to prevent them from being automatically deleted. The player may further expand their list of contraptions by obtaining Schema Stones and Yiga Schematics, an in-game source of pre-made vehicles and devices which the player can chose to take inspiration from or further build upon themselves. There are a total of 12 Schema Stones and 34 Yiga Schematics to be found.

Activating Autobuild will generate a circle containing a transparent preview of the desired Ultrahand project, the player can move this circle within a limited radius around themselves (similar to Ultrahand) and any nearby objects that have been used in the previewed project before will automatically be moved into their designated position. If there are any objects required for a build that are missing, then the player can spend Zonaite to generate a replica of said object to complete the contraption, however unlike their genuine counterparts these replicas cannot be freely re-positioned in the build and any attempt to do so will simply result in the replica breaking, effectively wasting the Zonaite that were spent to make them.

List of Schematics[]

Schema Stones are mainly given to the player by Steward Constructs found in the Abandoned Mines in [[The Depths|]].

Schema Stones

Yiga Schematics are mainly found in treasure chests that have been locked behind a seal maintained by a single Yiga Footsoldier within their underground bases.

Yiga Schematics

Autobuildable Items[]

Defined by their ability to be brought out by the player at any time and any place, these items are one of the most convenient sources of building.

Zonai Devices

Bows & Arrows




Autobuildable Objects[]

Objects that can only be found in the environment.

Environmental Objects

Rare objects that only have a limited amount of opportunities to be used for Ultrahand projects as they're usually tied to their own questslines and thus become unavailable after their respective quests are complete.

Quest Objects