"You got Auru's memo! Auru wrote this to Fyer of Lake Hylia."
— In-game description

Auru's Memo is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is a document presented to Link by Auru, one of the freedom fighters in the Resistance. To obtain it, Link meets Auru at Lake Hylia, where the former tutor advises him to explore the Gerudo Desert as part of his quest. The road to the desert is impassable, however, so Auru gives Link the memo and tells him to take it to Fyer; Fyer owes Auru a favor, and when he reads the Memo, he gives Link a free Human-cannonball Ride that launches him beyond the blocked road and into Gerudo Desert in an event known as the Oasis Flight.

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