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The Auction is a minigame held in The Wind Waker.[1]


The event takes place in the Auction House mansion every night on Windfall Island.[1][2] Before it begins, Zunari greets the contestants and then shows the item to be sold. After a few more words, he marks the start of the bids.


Zunari will allow 1 minute for the contestants to bid on the items. To make a bid, the "A" button must be repeatedly pressed so that an amount of Rupees is proposed to buy the product. This amount must be higher than the current bid.[3] Making a bid 10%-20% above the current bid will shock the crowd and prevent them from bidding for roughly 15 seconds or 10 in The Wind Waker HD,[4] bidding more than 20% will shock them a few seconds longer.[5][6][7] This can be a valuable strategy to ensure a winning bid towards the end of the auction. Bidding 999 Rupees will automatically win Link the auction as no more bids will be accepted.[8]

The items offered for sale are Treasure Charts #18 and #38, a Piece of Heart and a Joy Pendant. Should any of these items be purchased by another of the townsfolk present, it will be returned and resold at the next auction[9] (a major reason for this to happen is to avoid the item to be lost forever). Once Link has purchased these four items, nothing will be available and Zunari will comment on how someone has made off with every last auction item; meaning the auction will not run for the remainder of the game.[10]

In The Wind Waker HD, a new item called the Swift Sail was added to the auction. When equipped, the King of Red Lions sails faster and the wind is always favorable.

The opening bids that Zunari sets for each of the items at the auction are as follows:

Item Opening Bid
Joy Pendant 40 Rupees
Piece of Heart 80 Rupees
Treasure Chart #18 05 Rupees
Treasure Chart #38 60 Rupees
Swift Sail (TWWHD) 100 Rupees

Gummy appears at every single auction, and is always the first to bid. The auction is also participated by a random five of the following townspeople:



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