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Prophet of Doom[1]
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Jonathan Lipow (English)[3]
Astor, Prophet of Doom

Astor is a character and the secondary antagonist of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[1]


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Very little is known about Astor's life before the events of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. All that is known is that he was born and raised in a certain village in Kingdom of Hyrule and that he eventually became a powerful sorcerer and a follower of Calamity Ganon and would later align with the Yiga Clan.[citation needed] Shortly after a future Terrako, a miniature Guardian created by Zelda when she was young, travels to the past, the Malice that followed it possesses the dormant past Terrako, forming Harbinger Ganon. At some point Astor found Harbinger Ganon and used it to see into the future, setting his grand plan of destroying Kingdom of Hyrule into motion.

Astor first appears after the defeat of Master Kohga in Gerudo Town, disappointed at the Yiga Clan leader's incompetence.[4] He then views a glimpse of the future through Harbinger Ganon,[5] stating that he will not allow anyone to alter the course of the future.[6] The seer makes himself known to the Champions during their visit to the Lost Woods, where he summons Malice clones of the Champions, called Hollows,[7] to attack them. He then appears at the foot of Great Deku Tree, commanding the Hollows to kill Zelda.[8] However, the Master Sword awakens for Link, who retrieves it from its pedestal and quickly defeats Astor.

After Purah begins to reactivate the Sheikah Towers, Astor commands the Yiga Clan to prevent the final tower from being activated, as it would reveal their location to the Champions.[9][10] He then explains how Harbinger Ganon is a fusion of Terrako and Calamity Ganon,[11] and that he will use its power to bring the world to its knees,[12] though Sooga deems this statement foolish.[13] His orders to the Yiga Clan end up unfulfilled, as the Champions are able to reactivate the final Sheikah Tower and take control of the Yiga Clan Hideout. Enraged that the seer would allow this to happen, Sooga grabs him by the neck.[14] However, Astor calmly explains that their defeat was ordained by fate, and that if the Yiga Clan were to harm him they would make themselves enemies of Calamity Ganon.[15]

Soon after Calamity Ganon awakens and Hyrule Castle is taken over, Astor betrays the Yiga Clan and kills large numbers of Yiga Footsoldiers, using their life energy to revive the four Blights, who failed to kill the Champions before.[16] He tells a horrified Master Kohga and Sooga that by becoming a blood sacrifice to Calamity Ganon,[17] they will finally become useful, summoning a Hollow of Link to do the deed.[18] Master Kohga begins to run as Sooga advises,[19] but changes his mind and decides to stay and fight alongside Sooga.[20][21] However, their battle ends with Master Kohga fleeing to seek assistance from Zelda and Sooga presumably being killed.[citation needed]

Astor appears again during the battle at Fort Hateno, where he summons the Blights to attack Zelda. Link attempts to fight them off, but is quickly overwhelmed. Zelda, desperate to save Link, awakens her sealing power and incapacitates the Blights, allowing Link to destroy them once more while Astor flees.[citation needed]

As the Champions reclaim the Kingdom of Hyrule and begin infiltrating Hyrule Castle, Astor makes his final stand against them alongside Harbinger Ganon itself, ranting that as Calamity Ganon's right hand man, it is his destiny to destroy Link and his allies.[citation needed] The two are defeated, and as the Champions close in on them, Astor attempts to command Harbinger Ganon to destroy them. However, his efforts are cut short as he becomes consumed by Malice, screaming in agony as Harbinger Ganon absorbs him into itself and uses his power to transform into its true form - Calamity Ganon.[citation needed]


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