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Not to be confused with Ashei, a character from Twilight Princess.
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Ashai is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Ashai is a Gerudo who lives in Gerudo Town and teaches two classes to young girls before they depart from Gerudo Town.[2] If Link speaks to Ashai while she is walking through Gerudo Town, she introduces herself and asks Link if he is interested in taking her class, "Voe and You".[3] Ashai explains that she teaches a relationship class during the day and a Cooking class at night.[4] Ashai encourages Link to attend the Cooking class at her home during the night and her relationship class in the barracks during the day.[5][6]

Speaking to Ashai in the classroom in the barracks before her relationship class begins, she asks if Link is interested in sitting in.[7] She then assures Link that there is no hurry and that class does not begin until everyone arrives.[8]

If Link speaks to Ashai during her relationship class, she invites Link to observe if he is interested.[9] If Link rejects her offer, Ashai asks if Link already has a loved one,[10] to which Link scratches the back of his head in embarrassment. Ashai then explains that the young girls in her class have never even met a man before and that it is her duty to prepare them for the world outside of Gerudo Town.[11][12]

Should Link agree to observe the class, Ashai instructs everyone to demonstrate what they have been learning.[13] Ashai then asks the class what to do when a "handsome voe" approaches them on the street.[14] Pasha stands up and answers that she would wave casually yet remain prepared in case he is a distraction for a bandit ambush.[15] Ashai praises Pasha for her solution and then reminds the class that sometimes men only look suspicious from being intimidated by a Gerudo.[16][17] Dina then stands up to share her solution, saying that she would enthusiastically greet the man and approach with her hands empty.[18] Ashai praises Dina for her optimistic approach,[19] adding that friendliness is a great way to relax others.[20] Lastly, Risa stands to share her solution, saying that she would attack the man when he least suspects it.[21] Ashai dismisses Risa's solution and tells her that it is a crime.[22]

Ashai also asks her students what they would do if they encountered an injured voe lying on the ground.[23] Pasha responds that she will lift him over her shoulder and take him to the nearest person who can treat him.[24] Ashai will praise this answer, but she'll remind Pasha to check for non-visible injuries before she moves someone.[25] Next, Dina says she would figure out what's wrong with him and then make a medicine to treat him.[26] Once again, Ashai will say Dina has a great answer, but tells her to make sure he doesn't have any allergies to the ingredients she uses.[27] Finally, Rina will say that she would secretly take the voe back to her home, where she would help him recover.[28] Ashai will say that while Risa's sentiment is sweet, her plan is basically kidnapping.[29]

For her third question, Ashai asks her students what they will do when they're approached and spoken to by a voe whose attention they've sought.[30] Pasha says she would pretend not to speak his language.[31] Ashai comments that her approach is interesting since it could inspire curiosity, and she explains it's unrealistic that he'll know the language she pretends to.[32] Dina claims she'll take the opportunity to examine his clothes to determine his social status.[33] Ashai commends Dina on her good thinking, but reminds her that sometimes, if someone's nice clothes are dirty, they may wear something more casual.[34] Lastly, Risa says she would grab his hand and twist his wrist until he'd agree to marry her.[35] Ashai is left without words, and she tells Risa to speak to her after class.[36]

Before her Cooking class begins, she tells Link one might as well learn if there is more to learn.[37] If Link agrees with her, she comments on Link's innocent expression.[38] Ashai also explains to Link that she was planning a lesson on Creamy Heart Soup, but she forgot the name of the heart-shaped vegetable in the Recipe.[39][40][41] Ashai assures herself that she will remember eventually.[42]


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