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Ascend is an ability in Tears of The Kingdom.

Location and Uses[]

The Ascend ability is obtained in the Gutanbac Shrine at the Great Sky Island. Ascend is an ability in Tears of The Kingdom that allows Link to rise up through ceilings, hillsides, and even certain enemies to create seemingly impossible shortcuts.


Activating the ascend ability will cause the camera to face upwards from the ground towards the sky, and a grid will appear that indicates where the player will ascend. If the player is vertically close enough to the ceiling, a dot will appear in the middle of the grid, which is either red or green. If the dot is red, the ceiling the player is trying to pass through is not horizontally flat enough for ascend to work. If the dot is green, the ceiling is horizontally flat enough, and you can press the A button to ascend. After the player is done ascending, you can turn the camera and look around the paused world to see if it is safe to ascend. If the player does not exit from ascending thirty (30) seconds after popping out of the ground, they will automatically exit.



  • This ability was originally used for testing, but the developers had so much fun with it, they decided to add it to the game.