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Arwings are high-tech space aircrafts from the Star Fox series and is an unused enemy in Ocarina of Time.[1][2][3]


The Arwing is the trademark starfighter used by the Star Fox team in the Star Fox series. In Ocarina of Time, an unused enemy Arwing can be found and triggered by modifying the game's data, either by hacking or using a cheat device. When Link enters an area with an Arwing, a small cutscene will play showing the ship appearing, but does not change the music. The Arwing will then proceed to fly around the area and shoots at Link with its twin lasers which will cause just a quarter of a Heart in damage. The laser beams can be blocked with the use of a shield. To hit it, Link must use the Boomerang, Fairy Slingshot, Deku Nuts, Hookshot, or any Arrows as it swoops down toward him. The Arwing itself is based on its appearance in Star Fox 64 and is miniature in size compared to the actual aircraft used by Fox McCloud and his teammates. When defeated, it will fall and crash down to the ground with a fiery explosion, just like in its official source material.

Although a cameo from another Nintendo franchise, the Arwing was actually a simple placeholder, used by the game developers to test the flight patterns of Volvagia.[1] It was left in the coding of ports of the original game, but is absent from Ocarina of Time 3D.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese アーウィン (Āwin) Arwin
Federal Republic of Germany German Arwing
Italian Republic Italian Arwing


  • The Arwing's lasers use the same sound effects as Phantom Ganon's energy balls. When the Arwing is shot down, the sound of King Dodongo inhaling is heard.
  • In Star Fox 64, the Arwing is one of three vehicles used to combat Andross' forces. The other two are the Landmaster and Blue-Marine. Each of them are invented by Slippy Toad, the team's mechanic. It also has an equivalent used by the Star Fox team's rival, Star Wolf, called the Wolfen.


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