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Arrows of Burning Heat
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Quest Giver Rola
Location Kakariko Village
Reward Red Rupee

Arrows of Burning Heat is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


The Quest begins in the The Curious Quiver in Kakariko Village, after speaking to Rola while in possession of a Bow. Rola will note that Link appears to be a fine archer and will let it slip that she finds such men very attractive.[2] She asks him to show her some of his skill, which Link can either accept or decline.[3] If Link refuses, she makes her disappointment known and tells him she would have given him something for his time. [4]

Rola will continue to fawn over Link if he speaks to her after refusing her quest and is startled out of her daydreaming.[5] Should he decide to leave again, Rola bemoans her lack of luck.[6] Once Link accepts her request, Rola explains that she would like him to light the torches around the village's Goddess Statue.[7] If he is unsure about what or where she means, Link can ask Rola to direct him to it.[8] Rola becomes uncertain if Link asks about the statue, however.[9] Once Link fully accepts the quest, Rola fawns over him once more.[10] Should he return to her before completing the quest, Rola will be sure to remind him of it.[11][12] She will be upset if Link forgets about the task,[13] but is clearly very excited.[14]

Once Link lights the torches as instructed, he must return to Rola in the general store. She admits that she was watching him and is very impressed.[15] Rola takes the moment to mention how her estranged husband Cado is also a great archer, but has not been using a bow.[16] She expresses her excitement with a reward of 20 Rupees for Link.[17] The woman mutters how she wishes her husband had continued with his archery, ending the quest.[18]


Stage Description
1 When Rola, owner of the general store, judged you as a capable archer, she wasted no time recruiting you for a seemingly simple job.

All she asked was that you "light the torches by the Goddess Statue" in the village, but her suspiciously sweet smile made it clear that this task would require unconventional methods.
2 "Light the torches by the Goddess Statue."

You did as Rola asked and lit the torches. Go to her general store and tell her that what she requested is done.
Complete In lighting the torches, you seem to have also ignited Rola's passion. The day that she can reunite with her husband may not be so far off.


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