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Arrow Traps are recurring traps in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name reference needed]


Arrow Traps are wall-mounted turrets that shoot Arrows and are typically found in Dungeons, forming traps that Link must avoid, often with little room for the hero to maneuver. There are three types of Arrow Trap: ones which shoot Arrows continuously; ones which shoot an Arrow only when Link crosses its path; and ones which shoot Arrows as a punishment when Link activates the wrong Switch or otherwise solves a puzzle incorrectly. Link can usually defend himself against these Arrows with a Shield, if he is carrying one. In some cases, Arrow Traps are used as part of a Dungeon's puzzles.

Phantom Hourglass[]

In Phantom Hourglass, Arrow Traps first appear in the second half of the Temple of the Ocean King, on floor B7. They fire their Arrows at Link while he rides on floating platforms across a large pit. Arrow Traps later appear in the narrow corridors of Doylan's Temple on the Isle of Ruins. The gigantic, mechanical Boss of Mutoh's Temple, Eox, has a series of turrets around its neck which function like Arrow Traps.

Spirit Tracks[]

A Link Between Worlds[]

Tri Force Heroes[]

Some Arrow Traps are placed near Torches which can cause the Arrows to light on fire, making them even more dangerous or part of a Dungeon's puzzle, as seen in the Forest Temple of Tri Force Heroes.

Other Appearances[]

Nintendo Land[]

Arrow Traps reappear in Battle Quest of Nintendo Land in the levels Ganon's Castle Approach and Ganon's Last Stand, where they shoot Arrows just like their appearances in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. To deactivate them, the player with the Bow must strike the Shock Switches as fast as they can.