This article is about the A Link to the Past bosses. For the recurring enemy, see Armos Knight.
Red Armos Knight (A Link to the Past)

Armos Knights (デグアモス Degu Amosu?, Big Armos) are the bosses of the Eastern Palace, the first dungeon in the The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. They consist of six blue statues that, despite being armed with swords and shields, only hop around in predefined patterns. They reappear as a mini-boss in Ganon's Tower in the Dark World. They are also one of only two bosses to not perish via fiery explosions, the only other being Agahnim in both fights against him.


To defeat the Armos Knights, Link must shoot them with his Bow or attack with his sword; after sustaining enough damage, a knight is defeated. Sixteen sword strikes or eight spin attacks are sufficient to defeat a single knight, but the Bow deals four times the damage of the Fighter's Sword, so it is the preferred method. Once five knights have been defeated, the sixth turns red and begins hopping aggressively, attempting to land on Link. When the final Knight is defeated, Link earns a Heart Container and the Pendant of Courage.

The second battle with the Armos Knights in Ganon's Tower is nearly identical to the first, the only real difference being the slippery ice-covered floor on which it is fought. At this point, Armos Knights can be killed with one Silver Arrow, assuming Link has been granted the ability to use them. The final knight, however, requires two Silver Arrows to be defeated. This battle must be repeated if Link returns to the area after leaving the tower or resuming a saved game.

It is possible to avoid the final "red knight" by finishing off the first four with Arrows, and then damaging the last two equally so that Link can finish them both off at once with a Spin Attack. The easiest way to do this is to wait for them to line up, kill off four so that the last two are side by side, then attack the last two with Spin Attacks or standard arrows until they are weak enough that a final Spin Attack will defeat them.


Armos Knights (A Link to the Past)

Armos Knights (A Link to the Past)

Armos Knights Ganon's Tower (A Link to the Past)

Armos Knights Ganon's Tower (A Link to the Past)

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