Armored Trains are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Armored Trains display greater intelligence, and certain Armored Trains directly pursue Link, rather than traveling along patrol paths. They are also capable of turning around at any time. Armored Trains cannot be momentarily stunned by the cannon because of the large bassinet-shaped helmets guarding them from attack. Being rammed by an Armored Train instantly destroys the Spirit Train. However, for their intelligence and extra armor, they are slower than their cousins, the Dark Trains.

Armored Trains first appear in the Ocean Realm, on the underwater tracks leading to the Ocean Temple. A lone Armored Train attempts to pursue Link and must be outwitted in order to reach the Ocean Temple, though if Link takes too long getting to the temple, a Dark Train will appear. After that, an Armored Train will regularly patrol the maze of tracks east of the Snow Temple in the Snow Realm.

Armored Train Changing Directions

An Armored Train changing course

Armored Trains appear most prominently in the Dark Realm, where six must be defeated. There are various Tears of Light strewn along the tracks, which make the Spirit Train temporarily invulnerable, allowing Link to destroy Armored Trains by running into them. The trains are very clever and malicious in this particular location, especially the last one left, who tries to attack Link head on, flee from the Spirit Train when it becomes invincible, and even resorting to going in reverse. When Link destroys all of the Armored Trains, a special portal opens, leading to the boss fight with the Demon Train.

Non-canonical appearances

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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Armored Trains appear on the Spirit Train stage. They will occasionally appear and ram the front of the train, causing the screen to shift in that direction. An Armored Train also appears as a trophy.

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