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Armor Sets are Items in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.[1]

Location and Uses[]

Armor Sets are matching collections of Armor. When worn, particular Armor Sets may confer additional effects known as Set Bonuses if every piece of Armor in that Set has been enhanced at least twice by a Great Fairy. As Armor introduced with The Master Trials and The Champions' Ballad cannot be enhanced, the Royal Guard Set and Tingle's Set will provide their Set Bonuses when worn regardless. The Phantom Equipment, Soldier's Set, and Well-Worn Outfit lack any kind of Set Bonus.

List of Armor Sets[]

Armor Set Set Bonus
Ancient Set

BotW Guardian Resist Icon Ancient Proficiency

Barbarian Set

Charge Atk. Stamina Up

Climbing Set

Climbing Jump Stamina Up

Dark Series

Night Speed Up

Desert Voe Set

Fierce Deity Set [note 1]

Charge Atk. Stamina Up

Fireproof Armor


Gerudo Outfit

Hero of the Sky Set [note 2]

Master Sword Beam Up

Hero of the Wild Set

Master Sword Beam Up

Hero of Time Set [note 3]

Master Sword Beam Up

Hero of Twilight Set [note 4]

Master Sword Beam Up

Hero of Winds Set [note 5]

Master Sword Beam Up

Hero Set [note 6]

Master Sword Beam Up

Phantom Equipment (TMT)
Phantom Ganon Set (TCB)


Bone Atk. Up

Radiant Set


Bone Atk. Up

Royal Guard Set (TCB)

Charge Atk. Stamina Up

Rubber Helm
Rubber Armor
Rubber Tights


Snowquill Set


Soldier's Set
Stealth Set

Night Speed Up

Tingle's Set (TMT)

Night Speed Up

Well-Worn Outfit
Zora Set

Swim Dash Stamina Up


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  1. "Armor Sets
    Wearing the top, bottom, and headwear from the same set can earn you some bonus effects.
    " — Tips and Tricks (Breath of the Wild)