"Ooh, goodness... Brave adventurer, you won't believe it! There's a dragon raging outside the city walls... Ooh, I'm terribly worried about everyone... I'm going to check in that shop for survivors!"

Twilit Dragon, Argorok (覚醒炎翼竜 ナルドブレア Kakusei Enyokuryū Narudoburea?, Awakening Flame Winged Dragon Nardobrear) is the boss of the City in the Sky, the seventh dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Argorok is a massive dragon that resides in the skies over Hyrule. At one point, it attacks the City in the Sky, home of the Oocca.


Argorok is engaged at the very top of the City in the Sky. Link must fight it while withstanding the severe wind and rainstorm that plagues the area. In the first phase, Argorok attacks by diving at Link or flapping its huge wings to create a gale. To complete the first phase of the battle, Link must use the Double Clawshots to climb the pillars around the battle area and attach himself onto its tail and then use the Iron Boots to cause the weight of it to bring Argorok to the ground, the resulting impact removing a layer of its protective armor. After Link repeats the aforementioned strategy twice, the remainder of Argorok's armor falls off, and the second phase of the battle begins.

A heavy rain begins, watering several Peahats which come out of the ground and fly around the top of the arena, allowing Link to use his Double Clawshots to transport himself in a circle. Once Argorok starts breathing fire, Link can travel around Argorok in order to clawshot himself to an orb transfixed to the creature's back, presumably the Dragon's power source. He must then attack Argorok with his sword. When Link attempts to do this the third time, Argorok recovers. Link must be cautious and prepared to Clawshot in the opposite direction, because at this point, Argorok may switch directions when breathing fire. After he repeats this process three times, Argorok spurts out fire, and will try to fly away, but, having been weakened and wounded by the battle, falls and explodes in midair, allowing Link to obtain the final shard of the Mirror of Twilight.


Argorok (Twilight Princess)

Argorok (Twilight Princess)

Non-canonical appearances

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Hyrule Warriors

Argorok appears in Hyrule Warriors as a boss.

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Argorok is likely derived from kargoroc, a smaller dragon-like enemy in the game. This may imply that Argorok is a regular Kargaroc mutated by the mirror shard. The first part of its name, Argo- may also pay tribute to the Ancient Greeks, whose architecture is similar to that of the City in the Sky.

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