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This article is an archived theory.
This article is about a popular and longstanding theory in ​The Legend of Zelda​ community that has been proven false. Due to its significance, it has been archived. The contents of this article are not guaranteed to be accurate or concurrent with modern understanding of the series.

Theory Warning

The "2D Split" Timeline is a discipline of the Zelda timeline theory that proposes a healthy balance and distribution of the six game arcs across both Child and Adult lines; this method often takes the Ganon Conflicts and the concept of the Deku Tree's Success more seriously than those based on either Child or Adult lines. Below is a listing of 2D Split theories created by the Zelda community at large.

Digific Writer's Timeline (ZU)

Adult: SS - OoT - TWW/PH - ST - TMC - FS/FSA - ALttP/LA
Child: SS - OoT/MM - TP - LoZ/AoL - OoS/OoA

  • The split creates a double of Ganon/dorf, existing solely in the Adult Timeline, who appears in most of the games which occur on that branch.
  • The flooding and destruction of the original land of Hyrule eventually leads to the founding of a new Hyrule; similarities in names, places, and legends between the two Hyrules is due to the passing-down of history from generation to generation.
  • The events of OoT and FSA combine to create the IW spoken of in ALttP.

- The Legend of Zelda spoken of in the AoL backstory does not necessarily have to be based on an actual event; it could be a compilation of events or a fable.

Hibob7's Timeline

Pre Split - [creation]-SS-[Hero of Men/AoL BS]-TMC-OoT Child- OoT/MM-TP Adult- OoT*-[Great Flood]-TWW/PH-ST Both Timelines (same in both afterward)- FS/FSA*-ALttP/OoX/LA/KnS-LoZ/AoL

  • - OoT and FSA are the IW together.
  • The Magic Mirror from ALttP and the Dark Mirror from FSA are the same, but not the same as the Twilgiht Mirror from TP.
  • There are three Ganons possessed by Demise: Ganondorf (OoT, TWW, TP), Ganondorf Dragmire (FSA, ALttP, OoX), and Gannon (LoZ).
  • The Hero of Men and the king from the AoL BS are the same.
  • The Oracle games star the Link from ALttP. LA follows right after, so LA's instuction book is still canon. Kodai no Sekiban happens at the same time as LA, when Link is trapped on Koholint Island.
  • Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland and The Legend of Zelda Game & Watch can be canon, but not included here.
  • The Great War over the Triforce takes places approx. 10 yrs before OoT.
  • The Kingdom of Hyrule begins shortly after SS, and Link, Zelda, and Impa from SS are the very first.

Hombre's Double ALttP Timeline (ZU)

Adult: SS - OoT - TWW/PH - ST - TMC/FS/FSA - ALttP(GBA)/LA
Child: SS - OoT/MM - TP - LoZ/AoL - OoS/OoA - ALttP(SNES)

  • Hyrule of TMC is the result of the Koroks'/Deku Tree's success.
  • The Dark Mirror of FSA is the Twilight Mirror of TP (but not the Magic Mirror of ALttP).
  • The IW is a separate event, most likely taking place in between FSA and ALttP.
  • LoZ takes place in Holodrum and the "region of Hyrule" is bigger than just the kingdom Hyrule.

Humulation Timeline (ZU)

Adult: SS - OoT - TWW/PH - ST - TMC - FS/FSA
Child: SS - OoT/MM - TP - LoZ/AoL - OoS/OoA
Adult and Child lines merge to lead to ALttP/LA

  • The Picori Blade is the Master Sword, but changed and reforged over time.
  • The Merge is necessary because ALttP's backstory has elements that seem to come from both OoT Adult Side (the Seal) and TP Ganondorf leading a band of thieves in attempt to rule over the Sacred Realm.
  • The Merge is caused by Ganon's physical body being destroyed in one timeline, and his soul in another. The two separate parts of him on separate timelines merge together, and the timelines themselves do as well.

Nerushi's Timeline (ZW)


  • FSA Ganondorf is not OoT Ganondorf, based on backstory and personality.
  • The Divine Prank in TP was that Ganondorf/Zelda/Link spiritually possessed the Triforce, rather than physically. Thus the Triforce could still be in the Sacred Realm.
  • The Legends of the Master Sword resting in a forest is passed on.
  • The Seal War occurs after TP, possibly with FSA Ganon breaking out of the FS and re-discovering the Sacred Realm. Upon touching the Triforce he creates the Dark World, but is unable to leave. As darkness spreads out of the entrance, The Seven Sages seal it.
  • The Sleeping Zelda story occurs after OoX.
  • Holodrum and Labrynna becomes part of Hyrule seen in AoL.

Pinecove's Force Timeline (ZI)

Adult: SS - OoT - TWW/PH - ST - TMC - FS/FSA
Child: SS - OoT/MM - TP - ALttP/LA
LoZ/AoL-OoS/OoA undecided

  • ST's ending leads to TMC's Backstory.
  • Geography is not taken so maps line up-areas are only compared.
  • The use of force on the Adult timeline but not the Child timeline means that TMC FS and FSA have to occur on the adult timeline.

Prince of Darkness's Theory (ZD)

Adult: SS >< TMC - OoT - TWW/PH - ST - FS/FSA - ALttP
Child: SS >< TMC - OoT/MM - TP - OoS/OoA/LA - LoZ/AoL

  • The full Triforce recombines and is recovered by the Hylian Royal Family after TP.
  • Twinrova is Ganon's vessel in OoS/OoA (i.e., he possesses their body).
  • Ganon is not killed in OoS/OoA.
  • Ganon is able to dispel the power of the Master Sword before LoZ (like he did in TWW).
  • Ganon is sent back to the Dark World at the end of TWW.
  • Agahnim is a possession, not a spirit form.
  • The Triforce's power makes Ganon's spirit immortal.

Reign and Kisiro's Theory (ZU)

Adult: SS - OoT - TWW/PH - ST - LoZ/AoL
Child: SS - OoT/MM - TP - TMC - FS/FSA - ALttP/LA - OoS/OoA

  • The sages in the ALttP are related to the TP sages.
  • Ganondorf led the shadow tribe in TP's backstory, and was able to touch the Triforce.
  • The Ganondorf legends and the story of FSA were both passed down as the IW of ALttP.
  • In both timelines, there are two Ganondorfs, each of whom take on the blue Ganon form.
  • Koume and Kotake in OoS/OoA are the same characters from OoT.
  • The AoL backstory takes place after PH.
  • LoZ/AoL take place on a partially deflooded Hyrule.
  • The Twilight and Dark Mirrors are not the same.

Voo_Bopo/talonmalon333's Mixed Theory (ZI)

Adult: SS - OoT - WW/PH - ST - MC - FS/FSA

Child: SS - OoT/MM - TP - ALttP/OoX/LA - LoZ/AoL

  • ALttP's backstory and OoT are different events, but together they complete the IW.
  • The Twilight and Dark Mirrors are possibly the same.
  • There are three Ganons in the series. One is born after WW and the other is born after TP.
  • WW's ending doesn't literally mean moving on from the past. It's more about moving forward, allowing traditions of the past to live on.

ZG's Theory (ZU)

Adult: SS - OoT - TWW/PH - ST - LoZ/AoL - OoS/OoA
Child: SS - OoT/MM - TP - TMC - FS/FSA - ALttP/LA

  • FSA is the IW or the IW is after FSA.
  • Games after TWW/PH take place in a new land.

Caleb Aurion's Timeline (ZU)

Child: SS - OoT/MM - TP - TMC - FS/FSA - ALttP - OoS/OoA - LA
Adult: SS - OoT - TWW/PH - ST - LoZ/AoL

  • The sages in ALttP are commonly referred to as wise men, and the sages seen in the adult timeline are of mixed genders, whereas the sages in TP are all of ambiguous gender but appear more male then female.
  • Ganondorf is very plainly dead at the conclusion of TP, but is alive in FSA. Therefore, he must have been resurrected (not reincarnated as he would not have memories of his past life and would not remember Link or Zelda) sometime before then. The most likely time for this to happen is in TMC, when Vaati uses the wishing cap to wish for the power to defeat Link and got the only power to ever defeat any Link, Ganondorf's in OOT. Ganondorf is resurected following Vaati's defeat and spends the time between TMC and FSA recovering his strength. However, he is ultimately defeated then sealed at the conclusion of FSA, setting the stage for ALttP.
  • There is a severe lack of any large buildings or anything resembling the ruins of towns which we know existed in OOT, which we know had to have happened before LOZ. The only way to totally wipe the slate clean would be a catastrophic event such as a massive flood. It is possible that, following ST, the great sea finally drained and Old Hyrule was rediscovered. Some explorer may have inadvertently released Ganondorf by removing the Master Sword from his forehead. Ganondorf then traveled to New Hyrule and captured Zelda and the Triforce of Wisdom, triggering LOZ.