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This article is an archived theory.
This article is about a popular and longstanding theory in ​The Legend of Zelda​ community that has been proven false. Due to its significance, it has been archived. The contents of this article are not guaranteed to be accurate or concurrent with modern understanding of the series.

Theory Warning

The "2D Child" Timeline is a discipline of the Split Timeline that proposes that all of the older (2D) titles are to be placed in the Child Timeline, along with Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess; the Adult Timeline serves as a separate story apart from the older games and thus completely free to continue into its own chronology. Below is a listing of 2D Child theories created by the Zelda community at large.

Ganondorfdude11/Darthganondorf/Person's Timeline (ZL/ZU)

Child: SS >< TMC - OoT/MM - TP - FS/FSA - ALttP/LA - OoS/OoA - LoZ/AoL
Adult: SS >< TMC - OoT - TWW/PH - ST

  • The Oracles games happen during the reign of the king of the AoL backstory. That's why the kingdom is at peace and the Royal Family has the Triforce.
  • FSA covers only the first part of the Imprisoning War. The Triforce is stolen sometime before ALttP.
  • ST takes place in a new kingdom founded by Link and Tetra, but the old kingdom never de-flooded.
  • There are two Ganons, the one from OoT/TWW/TP, and another one who is introduced in FSA.

GentleArtillery's Timeline (ZU)

Child: SS >< TMC - OoT/MM - TP - FS/FSA - ALttP/LA - LoZ/AoL - OoS/OoA
Adult: SS >< TMC - OoT - TWW/PH - ST

  • The Light Force is the "complete" Triforce, before Vaati drained part of it from Zelda in TMC.
  • The Twilight Mirror is not the same as the Dark Mirror.
  • The late part of FSA is the IW.
  • AoL's backstory takes place between TMC and OoT.
  • TMC takes place very long before OoT, which means that most of it is forgotten.

Planet Hylia's Historical Timeline

Timeline A (Original): (SS) - TMC - OoT - TWW/PH - ST
Timeline B (Alternative): (SS) - TMC - OoT/MM - TP - FS/FSA - ALttP - OoS/OoA/LA - LoZ/AoL

  • The three Golden Goddesses descend upon the cosmos and create the planet, Hylia.
  • Different organisms live on Hylia. The creatures are placed into four groups:
  • Animals: Non-sentient creatures that have animal cells. They can form packs but aren't smart enough for societies or languages. (i.e., Dogs, cats, birds, frogs)
  • Plants: Any foliage that consists of plant cells and doesn't have sentient (or any) mind. (i.e. Trees, plants, flowers)
  • Monsters: Non or near-sentient creatures that form packs. The term is usually degrading and subjective as many monsters are highly intelligent. However, they are considered to be subhuman and beneath the People. Monsters are broken into Sub-groups, or species. (i.e. Moblins, Octoroks, Darknuts)
  • People: Sentient life-forms who have the intelligence to create society and all of its add-ons, such as language, government, arts, and tools. People are usually considered to be the highest of the "food chain" and look down upon Monsters. People currently rule Hylia (i.e. Hylians, OoT/MM/TP Zoras, Gorons, Calatians)
  • A War between the People (mostly Hylians and Humans) and Monsters occur. This is known as the War of the Bound Chest and ends with the Hylians sealing the Monster Race within a chest with the Picori Blade. The Hylians group together and a small settlement is formed. It is called Hyrule.
  • The events of Minish Cap occur. The son of a blacksmith defeats the sorcerer Vaati and frees the settlement from his control. Sometime later, before FS, Vaati is sealed inside the Foursword.
  • A Civil War erupts between the People races: Hylians (and humans), Gorons, Zoras, Gerudos, and Dark Interlopers for control of the Triforce. The Dark Interlopers gain access to the Triforce, but are banned to the Twilight Realm by the goddesses.
  • The Civil War continues and the Goddesses decide to let the People fight among themselves. The War ends in a peace treaty among the four great people and they all, except for the Gerudo, form the new Kingdom of Hyrule.
  • 10 years later, the child events of OoT occur. A split in the timeline happens and things become crazy.

Timeline A:

  • A young boy from the Kokiri Forest pulls out the Master Sword, allowing the Gerudo King, Ganondorf, to gain access to the Triforce of Power, which he uses to rule Hyrule for 7 terrible years. The young boy awakens from his coma and makes up for his sin by becoming the Hero of Time and saves the land from the Evil King. Ganondorf is sealed in the Sacred Realm for 100+ years, the Hero returns to his time (causing the split) and Hyrule rebuilds.
  • Ganondorf, in control of the Monster Race, uses them to kill the Sages of Earth and Wind, weakening the Master Sword enough for his body to enter the Light World. He uses this time to attack Hyrule. With no hero around, the goddesses flood Hyrule, allowing the citizens to live on mountaintops/islands.
  • Centuries past and the events of Wind Waker occur. The Hero of Winds defeats Ganondorf and the Triforce destroys the preserved Hyrule. The Hero and the pirate, Tetra, head out into the Sea in search of a new land to conquer. These events are depicted in Phantom Hourglass and probably Spirit Trackers.

Timeline B:

  • The young boy returns from the future and warns Zelda and her father of the events. Upon seeing the Triforce mark on the boy's hand, the King believes him and raises his army for Ganondorf's attack. Ganondorf is defeated and imprisoned. He is executed, but because of the Triforce splitting in the alternate future, Ganondorf receives the Triforce of Power's power. He is imprisoned in the Twilight Realm.
  • The young boy, now a hero, travels to Termina in search for his buddy Navi. He saves the alternate world from uncertain demise and returns to see a significant amount of time has passed.
  • At some point, a colony of humans (probably led by the young hero) was formed in the forest, becoming Ordon Village.
  • The events of Twilight Princess occur, with a new Hero defeating Zant and Ganondorf. Ganondorf is killed but due to the reincarnation cycle that Hyrule follows (when someone dies, they become ghosts or are reincarnated), Ganondorf returns in FSA. He has no memory of his past, but does carry the power-hungriness from his past life.
  • FS/FSA occurs. Vaati escapes, but a new hero, the Foursword Heroes, defeat Vaati and seal Ganon, who has become corrupted with darkness upon touching the Trident of Power, into the Foursword.
  • Gates into the Dark World are everywhere, sucking people into the Sacred Land/Dark World. The Foursword is swallowed as well and Ganon appears in the Sacred Land. He touches the Triforce and because he completes all three requirements of the Triforce (He is powerful, his knowledge of his past self - awakened by the Trident -, and his fearlessness to continue to strive for his goals), he obtains the full power. However, he is stuck inside the Dark World when all the portals were closed.
  • The events of ALttP occur. The Royal Knights' Descendant defeats Agahnim and kills Ganon with the use of the Master Sword and the Silver Arrows. He then uses the Triforce to destroy the Dark World and reverts Hyrule to normal. He gives the Triforce to the Royal Family for safe keeping.
  • Some time later, a young lad travels to Hyrule Castle and locates the Triforce. He touches the golden triangles and is transported to Holodrum/Labrynna. The events of OoS/A occur, with part of Ganon returning from the dead (it is possible to be revived from the dead as long as the time taken to revive doesn't exceed the time it takes to be reincarnated, i.e. one cannot revive the Hero of Time after the events of TP because he is already reincarnated as the Twilight Hero.) and being defeated by the boy. The other portion of Ganon's soul floats between the realms. The boy goes on a journey throughout the world, but allows the Triforce to fly back to Hyrule.
  • The events of LA happen, with the boy awakening from his dream/adventure. He floats to the land of Calatia(?) and lives the rest of his days there.'
  • The Kingdom of Hyrule expands outward, becoming an Empire. What was originally Hyrule is now known as Southern Hyrule.
  • Years later, the King, knowing of the dangers of the Triforce, splits it up into three. The Triforce of Courage is hidden in the Great Palace. The Triforce of Power is placed in a different location, probably Death Mountain. And the Triforce of Wisdom stays with them. The Legend of the Sleeping Princess occurs.
  • The spirit of Ganon finds the Triforce of Power and regains a form. He attacks Southern Hyrule, laying waste to it. Zelda hides the Triforce of Wisdom in 8 places.
  • The boy from OoS/A/LA's descendant, after hearing countless stories of Hyrule, travels to the Kingdom, only to see it in ruins. The events of Legend of Zelda happen.
  • With Ganon fully dead, the young hero embarks on a new adventure to awaken the sleeping Zelda. This is known as the Adventure of Link.
  • What happened next in either timeline is unknown...

Pinecove's "Nothing is Ignored" Child Majority Timeline (ZI)

Adult: SS >< TMC - OoT - TWW/PH - ST

Child: SS >< TMC - OoT/MM - TP - OoS/OoA - FS/FSA - ALttP/LA

SkullJ's Timeline

Child: SS >< - OoT/MM - TP - TMC - FS/FSA - ALttP/LA - LoZ/AoL - OoS/OoA
Adult: SS >< - OoT - TWW - PH - ST

  • When FS came out it was stated to be the first game. The story of TMC has to play before FS, but from a newer point of view it seems that their placement changed
  • The flashbacks of Ganon's execution in TP play shortly after Oot.
  • At the end of Twilight Princess Ganon died and the Ganon of FSA is the reincarnated Ganon, which also appears in ALttp, they are also the only one to wield a trident
  • The landscape of FSA loocks nearly identical to ALttP.
  • The oracle games could also be placed after ALttp, but before LA and can be played in any order.

Sign of Madness/Sign of Justice/Som's Timeline (ZU/ZD/ZI)

Adult: SS >< TMC - OoT - TWW/PH - ST
Child: SS >< TMC - OoT/MM - TP - FS/FSA - ALttP - OoX

  • LoZ/AoL can go after TWW, after TP, after ALttP before OoX, or after OoX.
  • LA could go after OoX or ALttP.
  • There are blatant contradictions between the SNES manual Seal War and OoT. Therefore OoT could not be the SW.

Tyeforce's Timeline

/ - TWW/PH - ST
\ MM - TP - ALttP/LA - (OoS/OoA) - TLoZ/TAoL - (OoS/OoA)
  • There are multiple Ganondorfs (one from FSA, one from OoT, and one from ALttP)
Work in progress video.

Zeldafan1982's Timeline (ZW)

Child: SS – OoT/MM – TP – TMC – FS/FSA – ALttP/LA – LoZ/AoL - OoX
Adult: SS – OoT – TWW/PH – ST

  • OoT and FSA Ganon are different incarnations of Demise's hatred. The Trident in FSA doesn't contain the soul of a previous Ganon.[1][2] It is "just" a powerful demonic weapon. Assuming that Ganon in ALttP still possesses this Trident, he loses it at the end of the game, similarly to how Ganon in TP and LoZ loses the ToP upon dying.
  • The Sacred Realm is restored at the end of TWW. A possible scenario according to which it could be restored in the child timeline (after TP): After Ganon's death, the ToP goes to its next host; a different villain from Ganon. After battling with Link, the villain gets severely wounded. As a result the Sages manage to extract the piece from him, before Link deals the final blow. The complete Triforce stays for a period of time in the castle, but at some point the King, fearing its misuse, sends the Triforce back to the Sacred Realm.
  • Vaati is revived at some point after TMC events. Then the FS BS follows.
  • FSA Ganon escapes from the Four Sword seal and enters the Sacred Realm with his minions. The Seal War occurs.
  • After ALttP's ending, the Royal Family keeps a single path connecting Hyrule with the Sacred Realm, accessible only by them. In order to use it (for good purposes), the King moves the Triforce to the castle.
  • The AoL BS occurs at some point between ALttP and LoZ.
  • Ganon is revived before the LoZ events.
  • The Triforce returns to the castle at the end of the Oracles.

Vaati The Wind Demon's Zelda Child's Timeline

         /100 Years\
     /3 Days\
    FS      TP
/100 Years\

Heres a link to the image with an explanation of my timeline and why I've placed them in this order and to show which Heroic Link is different or the same. Even though the real Zelda Timeline has been revealed, heres mine to show my progress before the official timeline was released. http://i.imgur.com/vqGmk.jpg