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Arcadia is a country from the Legend of Zelda animated series. Although it is never seen, the prince of Arcadia, Facade, travels to Hyrule to win the heart of Princess Zelda. After saving her from an Octorok attack and mesmerizing her father, King Harkinian, with his stories of adventure, Facade succeeds in getting Zelda to forget about Link. When a River Zora kidnaps Zelda, however, Facade refuses to give chase into the mud to rescue her. This gives Link an opportunity to win back her heart and he successfully defeats the River Zora. Realizing her mistake, Zelda pushes Facade in the mud and sends him back to Arcadia.

Because Arcadia has a prince, it can be assumed that the country is ruled by a monarchy. Also, Arcadia seems to use the Rupee as currency, seeing as Facade is eager to grab the spoil after he defeats the Octorok attacking Zelda, although he could have also grabbed it out of desire to spend it in Hyrule.

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