Anouki Village Sprite

Anouki Village is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It is home to the Anouki. The Snow Sanctuary is located nearby. Link learns the "Song of Discovery", the second song on the Spirit Flute, from a Gossip Stone in the center of the village. Once Link learns this song, the Gossip Stone flies into the sky like a rocket, leaving a treasure chest unearthed in its wake. The leader of Anouki Village is an Anouki named Honcho.


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Spirit Tracks Credits Artwork 7

Artwork of Anouki Village

Link must travel to Anouki Village to gain passage to the Snow Sanctuary. To do this, he must pair up the Anoukis in the village according to the kind of Anouki they prefer (e.g. large antlers, no facial hair. etc.). Link solves the task correctly by pairing Yeko with Bulu, Honcho with Yefu, and Kofu with Noko. Afterwards, Link may proceed through a tunnel which contains a Rocktite which must be defeated before he can make it to the Snow Sanctuary.

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Anouki Village Map

A map of Anouki Village

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