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The Wedding of Anju and Kafei is an event that takes place during the ending credits in Majora's Mask. It acts as the finale to the chain of events in which Link becomes involved in an attempt to reunite the estranged lovers. Link can only interact with this scene if the player uses cheating devices.

Anju and Kafei made their promise to marry when they were children, long before the impending apocalypse that overshadows their planned wedding.[1] They vowed to exchange masks based on the sun and the moon at the Carnival of Time.[2] That promise is threatened when the Skull Kid, wearing Majora's Mask, turns Kafei into a child. When Kafei is on his way to the Great Fairy in North Clock Town to implore her for aid, Sakon steals his wedding mask and Kafei goes into hiding in the back room of the Curiosity Shop until he can recover it.[3] Link acts as a liaison between Anju and her fiance and helps Kafei recover his mask in Ikana Canyon, so that they can finally be reunited just before the dawn of the fourth day.

In fact, their act of exchanging masks in the employee's only room of the Stock Pot Inn with Link and Tatl as their witnesses, creating the Couple's Mask, is when they exchange their oaths and officially become a couple.[4] The following wedding, therefore, appears to be purely ceremonial in nature, and not necessarily a binding event. Whether the exchanging of masks is supposed to take place during the wedding, and did not only because of their extenuating circumstances, is uncertain.

The wedding takes place in western Termina Field, facing the ocean. Anju's Mother, her grandmother, and the Man from Curiosity Shop stand on Anju's right during the ceremony. Mayor Dotour, Madame Aroma, Mutoh, Cremia, and Viscen stand on her left. The final guest, Tingle, watches the ceremony from his balloon and throws confetti as they wed.

As the cutscene ensues, Anju walks down the aisle created by the guests approaching the camera, which is presumably showing Kafei's perspective. She offers her left hand to him, and the camera pans away to Tingle, followed by a distant shot of the wedding.


  • Kafei is never shown in his adult form, presumably because the developers decided not to create a model for him. Similarly, Madame Aroma is seen floating above the ground in a sitting position has she is never shown standing otherwise. This is also probably the reason why Mayor Dotour is shown sitting in his office chair.



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