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Not to be confused with Cucco Lady.

Anju is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[6]


Majora's Mask

In Majora's Mask, Anju is the inn keeper at the Stock Pot Inn and the best friend of Cremia, the owner of Romani Ranch.[7] She is engaged to Kafei, Mayor Dotour's son, and they planned to have their wedding on the day of the Carnival of Time. However, certain circumstances have caused Anju to start doubting her fiancé.[8] Although her father, Tortus, has passed away, her mother and grandmother live with her in the inn.[2] She is one of the characters in the game with an entry in the Bombers' Notebook.

Anju is portrayed as apologizing quite often and appears somewhat nervous. She is not very good at cooking and, according to Kafei's Diary, tends to leave things until the last minute.[9][1] She also seems to have trouble remembering customers' faces, which can cause her to deliver reservations to the wrong person.[10]

Reuniting Kafei and Anju

Main article: Reuniting Kafei and Anju

Anju on her wedding day

The Anju and Kafei sidequest is the only sidequest in the Bombers' Notebook that takes an entire 3-day cycle. When they were children, Anju and Kafei promised to marry each other on the day of the Carnival of Time, exchanging the Sun's and Moon's Masks during the event.[11] However, Kafei disappeared with his wedding ceremony mask one month before the wedding. After he was turned into a child by the Skull Kid,[12] his Sun Mask was stolen by Sakon as he was on his way to see the Great Fairy about his desperate situation.[13] Despite Kafei's terrible fate, Anju does not know what has become of him or why he disappeared. She is afraid to meet his fiance and hear the reason as to why he escaped, for she fears his disappearance might have been because of her.[14]

Anju's Mother puts ideas into Anju's head that her fiancé might have run off with her best friend Cremia, who actually has a crush on Kafei.[15] Since Cremia needs strength from a partner and business support from Kafei's mother Madame Aroma to run Romani Ranch, Kafei running off with the ranch owner would allow her to have the stability she needs.[16]

When Link intervenes to help reunite Kafei and Anju, the young hero meets with the inn keeper in the kitchen at her request.[17] She then asks him to deliver a letter to the Mailbox in her stead, hoping to get a description of her fiancé if Link is to meet with him.[18] Anju is too afraid to do this on her own, so she tells Link to pass on the message that Anju is waiting for him.[19]

Link meets Kafei, who explains his situation and hands over his pendant to him.[20] Once Link delivers the pendant to Anju, she will once again believe in Kafei and decides to wait for his return despite her mother's wishes and the fact that everyone else will be taking refuge in Romani Ranch.[21]

On the night of the Final Day, with just a few hours left until the Moon falls, Anju is desperately waiting for Kafei in her room. The two lovers at last reunite and exchange their masks and oaths when Kafei returns from having retrieved the Sun Mask that was stolen from him.[22] In return for witnessing this event, they grant Link the Couple's Mask.[23] Even though the Moon is just hours from destroying Termina, they urge Link to take refuge, for they will stay and greet the morning together.[24]

During the ending credits, Anju can be seen outside Clock Town having her wedding ceremony.


First DaySecond DayFinal Day
Dawn of the First Day
6:00 AMStock Pot InnStands at front desk.
8:00 AMStock Pot InnUnlocks the front door.
10:55 AMStock Pot InnLeaves the desk to prepare lunch.
11:30 AMStock Pot InnLeaves the kitchen to deliver Granny's lunch.
12:00 PMStock Pot InnArgues with Granny over her refusal to eat.
12:15 PMStock Pot InnLeaves Granny after being unable to convince her to eat.
12:50 PMEmployees Only RoomTakes food to the Employees Only room.
1:15 PMStock Pot InnLeaves the Employees Only room to return to the front desk.
2:10 PMStock Pot InnReceives Kafei's Letter from the Postman.
2:20 PMStock Pot InnArranges to meet with Link at 11:30 PM that evening.If Link speaks to her while wearing Kafei's Mask.
Night of the First Day
7:50 PMStock Pot InnWalks to the front door.
8:30 PMStock Pot InnLocks the front door.
9:00 PMStock Pot InnReturns to the Employees Only room.
11:30 PMStock Pot InnLeaves Employees Only room to speak with Link in the Kitchen.If Link agrees to meet with her.
12:00 AMStock Pot InnAsks Link to deliver her Letter to Kafei.If Link agrees to meet with her.
Dawn of the Second Day
6:00 AMStock Pot InnStands at receptionist desk, asks if Link has found Kafei.If Link agrees to deliver her Letter to Kafei.
11:00 AMStock Pot InnLeaves the Employees Only room.If Link has not agreed to deliver her Letter to Kafei.
11:30 AMEast Clock TownLeaves the Stock Pot Inn to go to the Laundry Pool.If Link has not agreed to deliver her Letter to Kafei.
1:45 PMLaundry PoolSits on bench and asks passersby about Kafei.If Link has not agreed to deliver her Letter to Kafei.
3:20 PMLaundry PoolLeaves the Laundry Pool.If Link has not agreed to deliver her Letter to Kafei.
5:25 PMStock Pot InnReturns to the Stock Pot Inn.If Link has not agreed to deliver her Letter to Kafei.
5:55 PMStock Pot InnReturns to the Employees Only room.If Link has not agreed to deliver her Letter to Kafei.
Night of the Second Day
6:00 PMStock Pot InnReturns to the front desk.If Link has not agreed to deliver her Letter to Kafei.
7:50 PMStock Pot InnWalks to the front door.
8:30 PMStock Pot InnLocks the front door.
9:00 PMStock Pot InnReturns to the Employees Only room.
9:30 PMEmployees Only RoomSpeaks with her mother about fleeing to Romani Ranch.
Dawn of the Final Day
6:00 AMStock Pot InnSweeps the bunk room.
Night of the Final Day
6:00 PMEmployees Only RoomWaits for Kafei to return.If Link has given her the Pendant of Memories.
6:00 PMRomani RanchFlees from Clock Town.If Link has not given her the Pendant of Memories.
4:30 AMEmployees Only RoomReunites with Kafei and decides to greet the morning with him.If Link has given her the Pendant of Memories and helped Kafei retrieve the Sun Mask.

The Minish Cap

Anju (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Anju Figurine Sprite.png
This young woman tends to her cuccos
in Hyrule Town.
If you help her gather her loose
cuccos, she'll give you a reward.

Anju can always be found standing outside of her Henhouse in Hyrule Town in The Minish Cap. If spoken to, she will ask Link to help her catch her escaped Cuccos.[25]

Each time, Link must collect at least a certain number of Cuccos within a certain time limit. They are scattered across Hyrule Town, and must be picked up and thrown into the pen. Each time Link completes the challenge, Anju rewards him with a number of Rupees depending on what kinds of Cuccos he retrieved; each white Cucco is worth 10 Rupees, and each gold Cucco is worth 50 Rupees. Anju will also either reward him with Mysterious Shells or a red Kinstone Piece depending on which stage of the challenge he is on; in addition, once the tenth challenge is complete, Anju will give Link a Piece of Heart.[26]

The challenge becomes more difficult each time, with the number of Cuccos needed, their distance from the pen, and the time available to catch them all changing. After a certain point, the challenges become impossible to complete without the Pegasus Boots, and the last few rounds require the Flippers to complete.

Challenge Cuccos Time (Seconds) Reward
1 2 25 10 Mysterious Shells
2 3 25 10 Mysterious Shells
3 4 30 20 Mysterious Shells
4 5 45 20 Mysterious Shells
5 5 50 30 Mysterious Shells
6 5 45 30 Mysterious Shells
7 6 50 Red Kinstone Piece
8 7 60 Red Kinstone Piece
9 2 55 Red Kinstone Piece
10 3 55 Piece of Heart

Anju is one of the potential characters to have a random Kinstone Fusion available.[27] After fusing Kinstone Pieces with Spekter in the Royal Valley for a second time, Spookter will disappear from in front of Anju's Henhouse, allowing Link to go inside while Minish-sized and climb the chimney to reach a Cucco on the roof. If Link fuses Kinstone Pieces with it, it will mention that it took a Kinstone Piece belonging to Anju;[28] however, if Link has already fused Kinstone Pieces with Anju, the Cucco will be astonished that the Kinstone Piece has disappeared.[29]

Other Appearances

Anju atop the Clock Tower

Majora's Mask (Himekawa)

In the Majora's Mask manga by Akira Himekawa, Anju plays a different role than she does in the game. Link first meets her after he is transformed into Deku Link by Skull Kid. She finds him and brings him home to care for him. She also informs Link that he is no longer in Hyrule. Soon, Skull Kid attacks her and chases Link throughout Clock Town. She is also called by Tatl while Link is fighting Skull Kid with Kafei atop the Clock Tower on the Final Day.[30]

The Minish Cap (Himekawa)

In the The Minish Cap manga by Akira Himekawa, Link first meets Anju when he is transformed into a Minish and accidentally traps himself in her chicken coop. The chicks attempt to eat Link while he is Minish-sized, as they mistake him for a bug.[31] Anju then comes in time to save him by distracting the baby chicks by feeding them.[32] Link tries to look up her skirt as a Minish, but instead nearly gets stepped on.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseアンジュ (Anju) (TMC)[33]
FranceFrenchEUAnju (MM | MM3D)[34][35]
GermanyGermanAnju (TMC)[36]
ItalyItalianAnju (MM3D | TMC)[37]
SpainSpanishEUAnju (TMC)[38]
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