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Animation Magic
Animation Magic logo.png
IndustryVideo games and video game animation
Key PeopleDale DeSharone
Igor Razboff
HeadquartersGaithersburg, Maryland
Zelda-related Product(s)The Faces of Evil
The Wand of Gamelon

Animation Magic was a former Russo-American video game developer. They have developed The Faces of Evil and The Wand of Gamelon for the Philips CD-i.

The company were well known for their use of animated full motion video cutscenes in many of their games, including games such as I.M. Meen, Mutant Rampage: Body Slam and the aforementioned Zelda games. During development of the two Zelda games, the company was formerly known as Dale Disharoon, Inc. (or Dale DeSharone Inc.), named after the company's founder. The company would then found the joint company Animation Magic with Igor Razboff in St. Petersburg, Russia, which the games's cutscenes were outsourced to.[1] The two companies would then eventually combine and become wholly known as Animation Magic.[2]

The company was acquired by Capitol Multimedia in 1998 and later dissolved into Vivendi.

Developed Zelda Games

Game System Release
The Faces of Evil Philips CD-i October 10, 1993
The Wand of Gamelon Philips CD-i October 10, 1993


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