Ancient Spheres are items from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are high-tech Spheres made of ancient Sheikah technology designed to activate certain structures or mechanisms within Shrines or reveal Shrines during certain Shrine Quests. These spheres are designed to be picked up and can be thrown. Like round Remote Bombs they roll and some Shrines require Link to guide or transport them in unique ways to activate specific mechanisms to solve puzzles. Some Shrine Quests require Link to acquire them by helping other people or defeating enemies possessing Ancient Spheres to reveal a hidden shrine.

One notable Ancient Sphere is the Sheikah Heirloom passed down for generations upon generations in Impa's family who have protected it awaiting for the fulfillment of a prophecy that the Heirloom will chosen by a hero who will wield it to receive a blessing. Another notable ancient sphere is "'Roscoe" an ancient sphere acquired by the ancient technology lover Loone whom affectionately named it Roscoe which she treats as her special friend though eventually parts with Roscoe after Link shows her pictures of various Guardian types causing her to become obsessed about Guardians and effectively dumps "Roscoe" the Ancient Sphere.

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