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"A mysterious saddle made with forgotten ancient technology. Equip a horse with this and use Whistle to call them even when they are far away."
— Ancient Saddle description

The Ancient Saddle is a key item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a thematic saddle built from Ancient Shiekah technology that Link can equip to his horse. Unlike other Saddles, the Ancient Saddle has a special attribute and is not simply cosmetic. Any horse equipped with this saddle will be summoned when Link whistles, provided they: are currently not boarded at a stable or are in an accessible area where they can be ridden by Link. The saddle's ancient technology allows Link's Horse to warp to his location and is functionally similar to how Epona would suddenly appear near Link's location when called using Epona's Song, Horse Grass, or the Horse Call in past games.

The Saddle cannot be used on Epona or the Giant Horse as their saddles cannot be changed. However the White Horse can be equipped with this saddle as shown in the Saddle's promotional artwork. Ironically when worn it allows the horse to be summoned to Link's location much like Epona in past games yet Epona cannot be equipped with it. It can be obtained upon "The Champions' Ballad" DLC pack 2 installation.

Related Side Quest

Upon installation, Link will receive a new Side Quest called "EX Ancient Horse Rumors". The Sheikah Slate Adventure Log directs Link to Highland Stable to read Volume 3 of Super Rumor Mill to discover the locations of the Ancient Bridle and Saddle. The book directs Link to Malanya Spring which is southeast of the stable. It Malanya Spring, behind the Malanya's fountain is a waterfall of sand covering a buried EX Treasure Chest that contains the Ancient Saddle which Link can dig up with the Magnesis Rune.

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