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Ancient Material
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An Ancient Gear
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Ancient Material are items in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses

Ancient Materials are Materials that all source from ancient technology like Guardians. Ancient Materials include Ancient Screws, Ancient Gears, Ancient Shafts, Ancient Springs, Ancient Cores, and Giant Ancient Cores.

Ancient Materials can be brought to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab once the Blue Flames have been ignited, where Purah can use them to upgrade Link's Runes.[1] They can also be brought to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab where the Ancient Oven make Weapons, Bows, and Shields for Link as long as the Blue Flames are ignited.[2] Making Items will cost Link Ancient Materials and Rupees.[3]

A number of Ancient Materials can be found in Treasure Chests in Ancient Shrines and Divine Beasts.


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