The Ancient Harbor is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is an area connecting the Lanayru Desert to the Lanayru Sand Sea. It is connected to Lanayru Desert, the Lanayru Mine area, and Lanayru Gorge via the Lanayru Caves.


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When Link arrives at the Ancient Harbor during his quest to acquire the Sacred Flames, he finds that it has fallen into ruin. Here, the hero meets LD-301N Skipper, an Ancient Robot who becomes functional after Link activates a nearby Timeshift Stone on a wreaked Motorboat, which Link discovers is the boat's power source.

Skipper tells Link the story about how he used to be the captain of the Sandship and how it was stolen by LD-002G Scervo. The two then use the Skipper's Motorboat and begin traversing the Lanayru Sand Sea in search of the Sandship.

Link can use the Clawshots to get behind some crates and what looks like a freight car that block access to a cave which contains a Goddess Cube. However Link should take care as the cave is full of Arachas.

After Link disables the Sandship with the Motorboat's cannon, he can access the Sandship automatically from the Ancient Harbor's dock by talking to the Skipper and select To the Sandship option and the Skipper will automatically transport Link to his ship. This makes it easier Link should he wish to leave the Sandship and make a quick trip to Skyloft, then return to back the Sandship via the Ancient Harbor's dock.

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