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Ancient Blades is an Item in Tears of the Kingdom.[1]

Location and Uses[]

Ancient Blade is an item used for weapon Fusing. It functions the same as Ancient Arrows from Breath of the Wild.

When attached to a weapon, if the weapon strikes an enemy,[verification needed] it will instantly defeat them in one hit by obliteration. However, it will also destroy everything the target was carrying with them — including Weapons and potential material drops.

The item has a high affinity when fused with Arrows, as it's designed to function as an arrowhead. Despite this, it will still work the same with a regular weapon.[verification needed]

Ancient Blades may be found in a few selection of Treasure Chests around the world, primarily in Caves. It can also be bought from a unique Steward Construct named "Mining Construct" in the Spirit Temple for 50 Zonaite each.


  • Like the Ancient Arrows, it extends its blue glowing blade when deployed.
  • Given that the Ancient Blade's design is of Sheikah origin, but reproduced by a Zonai Steward Construct, it is unknown whether this iteration is related to the original Ancient Arrow design, or whether the Zonai had found a way to reverse-engineer the somewhat modern design.


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  1. "Ancient Blade
    An ancient dagger-like blade. It's too small to wield as a weapon, but it can be used as an arrowhead.
    " — Inventory (Breath of the Wild)