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The Ancient Battle is one of the earliest battles in Hyrule's history, prior to its founding as a kingdom,[1] and was originally depicted in the introductory cutscene of Skyward Sword.[2] The conflict erupted when the Demon King known as Demise broke out of the depths of the earth with his armies and attempted to steal the ultimate power from the goddess Hylia. The aftermath of the battle resulted in the creation of both Skyloft and the Sealed Grounds.


The Golden Goddesses created the Triforce. They limited the use of the Triforce to mortals, supposedly as a means to inspire hope amongst them.[3] They left the relic under the protection of the goddess Hylia, ordering her to safeguard it and granting her the authority to preside over the realm they had created.[4][5] For an unspecified period, Hylia ruled over the Surface, presiding over the various races that existed at that time. This era of peace ended when a fissure opened in the earth, from which came an army of demons led by their ruler, the Demon King Demise.[6][7] Demise sought to obtain the Triforce from Hylia and use it conquer the world, and to this end he ordered his armies to destroy all in their path.[8][9]

The goddess Hylia, fearing for her people the Hylians, gathered all the surviving Hylians on an outcropping of rock. She sent them and the Triforce into the Sky to keep them out of Demise's reach. This floating island along with others became the new home of the Hylians, which came to be known as Skyloft.[10][11][12][13] She also created a cloud barrier to separate the realm of the Sky from the Surface and thus prevent Demise's armies from pursuing her people.[14][15]

The goddess Hylia and the remaining races on the Surface fought and sealed Demise's evil forces.[16][17] Hylia imprisoned and sealed away Demise in what became known as the Sealed Grounds.[18][19] Stripped of his true physical form due to the seal that now bound him, Demise was forced into the form of an abomination capable of great destruction should he ever escape from his new prison.[20][21] To prevent Demise from escaping the seal, Hylia created the sword spirit Fi to be bound to the Goddess Sword to be passed on to her chosen hero, Link,[22][23] and also gave up her divinity so she could transfer her soul to a mortal—Zelda, the daughter of Gaepora—in the future that could utilize the powers of the Triforce.[1][24][25] She entrusted three spirit dragons, Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru, along with the sky spirit Levias, to pass on the four parts of the Song of the Hero to the appointed hero.[26]



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