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Anchors are objects in Phantom Hourglass.[1]

Location and Uses[]

Anchors are Ship Parts that can be obtained and added onto the SS Linebeck.

Anchors can be obtained through various methods:

List of Anchors[]

Anchor Description
PH Normal Anchor Model
Normal Anchor
The SS Linebeck came equipped with this average anchor.
PH Bell Anchor Model
Bell Anchor
A modern, bell-shaped anchor. Ironically, it doesn't ring.
PH Iron Anchor Model
Iron Anchor
An iron-spiked anchor that can secure a ship in any storm.
PH Ancient Anchor Model
Ancient Anchor
An anchor shaped from the mold of an ancient statue.
PH Swim Ring Model
Swim Ring
It is what it is... No one knows if it works as an anchor.
PH Sickle Anchor Model
Sickle Anchor
An anchor made in the image of an evil sickle. Scary!
PH Shell Anchor Model
Shell Anchor
An anchor made from a shell. Girls go wild for it!
PH Weighty Anchor Model
Weighty Anchor
A three-pronged anchor. No frills, but it gets the job done!
PH Gem Anchor Model
Gem Anchor
An anchor patterned after a gem. A sure hit with celebrities.


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