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Anche is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Anche is a Gerudo soldier who manages the Northern Icehouse.[2] She is often seen counting the ice in the Icehouse, and she carries a Gerudo Shield and a Moonlight Scimitar on her person. If Link speaks to her, she explains that the Icehouse stores the ice that is collected at the Gerudo Highlands.[3] Anche explains that the ice is important for the Gerudo people.[2] If Link speaks to Anche while she is in bed during the night, she tells him to come back tomorrow and that her work is done for the day.[4]

During the Shrine Quest "The Perfect Drink", Furosa will ask Link to talk to Anche about obtaining ice for Pokki's drink.[5] She also mentions that Anche goes to bed early, so Link should speak to her while it's bright out.[6] When the situation is explained, Anche will allow Link to bring the ice to Furosa.[7] She reminds him to move quickly due to the heat, since Furosa can't do anything with water.[8] If the ice melts before Link can deliver it, Anche will give him another block.

After completing the quest, speaking to Anche will cause her to ask Link to once again deliver ice to Furosa for her.[9] While she usually delivers the ice herself,[10] she explains that the nearby monsters are preventing her from leaving the Icehouse.[11] Anche charges Link 50 Rupees for the ice and explains that Furosa will reimburse him.[12][13] Link is timed while delivering the ice and will be rewarded with extra Rupees if he delivers it quickly enough.[14] If Link accepts the task, Anche expresses joy and reiterates that Furosa will be waiting for him at the end of the nearby ruins.[15][16]

If Link attempts to melt a formation of ice inside the Northern Icehouse or if she detects any fire inside the Icehouse, Anche will scold him for damaging her supply of ice before kicking him out.[17][18] If Anche detects fire but cannot find the culprit, she will angrily ask who is responsible for putting it there.[19] If Link is caught enough times, she will inform Link that she won't be held responsible for the punishment being brought to him.[20]


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