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An Ancient Text is an Object in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Uses[]

An Ancient Text is a Book found on a table inside Calip's cabin behind Fort Hateno's wall. It provides a riddle about the nearby grove of Stone Statue (Object), instructing its reader to pierce the eyes of a cursed Statue. This is the key to "The Cursed Statue" Shrine Quest, which Link receives from Calip. Calip himself studies the Ancient Text every night, though he has not yet discerned its meaning.[2][3] If Link indulges in Calip's desire to be called "Doctor," Calip will directly quote the Book for Link, believing that it is harmless to share the riddle that he has not been able to solve.[4]


Quote1 When a dark light resides in the cursed statue's eyes, pierce its gaze to purge the seal from the shrine. Quote2
— An Ancient Text


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    " — Calip (Breath of the Wild)