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Ambi's Palace is a location in Oracle of Ages.[1] Found just north of Lynna Village, it is the seat of Labrynna's royalty far in the country's past.

Features and Overview[]


It is unknown how long the palace had existed by the time of Queen Ambi's reign, but seeing as it bears her name, it appears that she may have been responsible for the construction of the palace. In any case, it is the seat of Labrynna's government 400 years in its past, serving as the home of Queen Ambi and her court, including her adviser during the events of the game, the Possessed Nayru. In the present, the palace has vanished almost entirely, leaving no sign of its existence. The open land that remains is known as Nuun Highlands.


Ambi's Palace has a large courtyard,[2] complete with hedges, trees (including one Scent Tree), and statues of the Queen. At the east end of the garden, there is a hidden staircase that leads to an underground waterway. The waterway, in turn, leads to an underground area directly beneath the palace.[3] The palace proper is two stories tall and boasts impressive halls and large chambers befitting Labrynna's royal family.

The entire palace is heavily guarded; two sentries at the outer gate bar the only entrance. In the courtyard, patrolling guards will throw out trespassers if spotted.[4][3] Conversely, the guards in the palace proper will attack intruders on-sight.[3]

Plot Relevance[]

Ambi's Palace

Link brought before Queen Ambi at the palace

The palace's outer gate remains guarded for the majority of the game, preventing Link from entering. Link gets his first chance to enter Ambi's Palace when the Queen, at Possessed Nayru's behest, decrees that all Mystery Seeds be found and brought to her. Link finds the seeds in the heart of Deku Forest, after which he is escorted to the palace by Ambi's guards and brought before the Queen.[5][6] Ambi rewards the young hero with Bombs and has the guards escort him back out of the palace.

After Link completes Mermaid's Cave, the Maku Tree informs him that Ambi has left the palace, creating the perfect opportunity to save Nayru from Veran.[7] With the guard on the palace down, Link is able enter the courtyard. Just as he does so, Ralph appears.[8] He makes mention of a secret passage somewhere in the courtyard that would allow him to sneak in, then rushes into the palace.[9] Following suit, Link sneaks past the remaining guards. He then finds the secret passageway and infiltrates the palace, avoiding the heavily-guarded entrance. On the second floor of the palace, Link gives battle to Possessed Nayru and pries the Sorceress of Shadows from Nayru's grip. Veran subsequently takes possession of the hapless Queen Ambi, who has returned to the palace just in time to see Nayru freed.[10] Just as the possessed queen sets her guards on Link, Nayru, and Ralph (who appeared just after the battle), the Oracle of Ages transports to the present time.[11][12] Here, before the Maku Tree, she teaches Link the Tune of Ages, unlocking the Harp of Ages' true power.[13]

After destroying Veran, Link is granted free access to the palace.[14] In a linked game, it was also revealed that shortly after returning to Labrynna from her trek to Holodrum to find her lover, Ambi had sunk her palace, being partly inspired by the Sunken City.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese アンビの宮殿 (Anbi no Kyūden)
French Republic FrenchEU Palais d'Ambi Ambi's Palace
Federal Republic of Germany German Ambis Palast
Italian Republic Italian Palazzo di Ambi
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Palacio de Ambi



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